Monday, April 15, 2013

【泰式粉丝虾煲】Koong Ob Woon Sen (Thai Claypot Glass Noodle With Shrimp)



This Clay-pot noodle is one of my favorite Thai dishes, a must have every time we visited Thailand.

We normally ordered the crab version in the Chinese restaurants, and since I don't like to prepare crab at home, I made it the shrimp version, it is a dish full of flavor, a good blend of Chinese and Thai culinary culture, the result is very satisfying and not at all difficult to make at home!

材料:(2-3 人份)
9-12 只中虾
2 把 粉丝 (温水泡软稍微剪成2-3寸长)
两根 中国芹菜 (切小段)
1 根 青葱
2 -3 片 培根 (切成 1寸)或 猪油渣 1-2 tbsp

1 小勺 黑胡椒粒 (不嗜辣可以减半)
3-4 个 香菜根 (或一小把的香菜杆代替)
2-3 瓣 蒜瓣
1/2 寸 姜块

1/4 小勺 麻油
1 小勺 蚝油
1 小勺 晒油/老抽/甜酱油
1 大勺 鱼露 或 酱油/生抽
1/2 杯 或 一小碗的 鸡汤 或水

Ingredients:(Yield 2-3)
9-12 Medium Size Shrimp
2 Bunch of glass noodle (Soaked in warm water for 10 minutes)
Some of Chinese Celery (cut into 1 inch)
1 Spring Onion
2 -3 Slices of Bacon(Cut into 1 inch in width)or pork lard 1-2 tbsp

Herbs & Spices:(Pounded)
1 tsp Black pepper (Reduce to half if you prefer lesser heat)
3-4 Coriander roots  or a bunch of coriander stems
2-3 cloves of garlic
1/2 inch of ginger root

Seasoning:(mix together)
1/4 tsp Sesame oil
1 tsp Oyster Sauce
1 tsp Dark/Sweet Soy Sauce
1 tbsp Fish Sauce or Soy sauce
1/2 Cup of chicken stock or water

1. 先把香料部分用石捣臼捣烂。青葱和芹菜切段。

2. 热上一口瓦煲,把培根铺在锅底,中火稍微煎出油,然后把香料加入,稍微翻炒,等香料的香味出来后,把粉丝铺上,把所有调味料混合,把2/3的份量倒到粉丝上。

3. 把虾去肠泥,均匀地铺在粉丝上,把剩下的调味料倒到虾上,加盖中火焖煮5-6分钟之后,打开,加入青葱和芹菜,加盖再焖个3分钟,在汤汁还没完全干透的时候把材料都拌匀,即可上桌。
1. In a mortar pestle, pound together all ingredients listed under herbs and spices, cut celery and spring onion into 1-2 inches long.

2. Heat up a clay pot at medium and place bacon at the bottom, when the grease start releasing add the pounded spices and herbs, stir until fragrant.

3. Place glass noodle in the pot, evenly pour in 2/3 of the seasoning over the noodles.

4. Clean and devein shrimp, place shrimp over glass noddle and pour the remaining seasoning over shrimp, cover with lid and cook for 5-6 minute.

5. Add spring onion and celery and cover with lid again, cook briefly for another 3 minutes, turn and mix all ingredients well before serving.

Yummy Koong Ob Woon Sen!


  1. For the ingredients I'm sure this dish should be delicious, but where is the way to do it. Please explain how to do it, I'm very interested. Thanks and good week