Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Indian Sweets-- Rasmalai (Cheese balls in sweetened milk) 【印度奶汤圆】

I often jokingly called Rasgulla, Gulab Jamun and Rasmalai the three musketeers of Indian sweets. They are well loved by many and are part of celebrations many a time.

I have made Rasgulla many times and was always thinking of making Rasmalai at least once, the reason why I have not attempted to make Rasmalai yet is because Rasmalai has to be eaten fresh and consume as soon as possible. On the other hand, Rasgulla can be kept in the refrigerator for much longer time.

In conjunction of Diwali celebration this year, I have made Rasmalai and it turned out really good!

这个甜点在印度东部非常出名,和Rasgulla,还有Gulab Jamun齐名,都是奶香十足,香甜可口的甜点。



Ingredients for cheese ball:

100 gm of Shop bought Paneer  Optional
4 cup of organic/whole milk(use 6 cups if you do not add shop bought paneer)
2 tbsp Lime/Lemon Juice

Sugar Water:(To cook cheese ball)

2 cup of sugar (Reduce if you prefer lesser sweetness)
5 cup water

Sweetened Milk Syrup:

3 Cup of milk
2 tbsp Cashew Nuts
1 Pinch of Saffron
1 tsp chopped almond and/or pistachio

100 克 市售 奶豆腐 (Paneer)Optional
4 杯 有机全脂牛奶 (如果不加市售的奶豆腐,就用6杯的牛奶)
1 tbsp 柠檬/青柠汁

2 杯 白糖 (不嗜甜可以减半)
5 杯 水

3 杯 牛奶 
2 tbsp 腰果 (Cashew Nuts)
1 撮 藏红花

1 tsp 切碎的开心果和杏仁 装饰用

1. Bring the milk to boil and turn the heat to low, stir in lemon/lime juice and continue stirring for a while until the milk curdles.

2. Pour the curdled milk over muslin/ cheese cloths. Rinse and wash the curdled milk under running water to get rid of the lemon/lime taste. 

3. Wrap and squeeze the muslin cloths as much as your hand could handle to form a soft cheese dough.

4. In a stand mixer breaks and knead the shop bought paneer to form what looks like loose chunks of cheese, the smaller the chunks, the better. It will take about 2 minutes to do so with stand mixer at speed the of 3-4.

5. Add the fresh cheese we just made and continue running the stand mixer for another 2-3 minutes or until a soft cheese dough is formed.

Note: If you do not have stand mixer, you could knead the cheese by hand, just make sure you knead long enough to form a smooth soft cheese dough.

1. 先把牛奶煮至微滚后加入柠檬/青柠汁,不断搅拌牛奶至开始呈现棉絮状。

2. 把奶酪倒到一个铺了纱布的漏斗上,用清水冲洗去柠檬汁的味道后把纱布包起,尽量用手把多余的水份挤出。


3. 先把市售的奶豆腐用厨师机搅碎,尽量搅得越细致越好,大约需要两分钟。如果家里没有厨师机也可以用手揉搓。

4. 加入刚刚做的好的奶豆腐,和买来的揉匀。这个过程大约两分钟,把奶豆腐搅拌成团即可。

6. Roll the cheese dough into long shape and make into small balls. Lightly flattened the balls, this dough should make about 30-35 pieces of cheese balls.

7. In a heavy bottom cook ware with lid, boil water and sugar to make syrup. Keep stirring until sugar completely dissolved and the water start boiling.

8. Gently place half of the cheese balls into syrup and cover with lid, cook at medium high, make sure you leave enough space for the cheese balls to expand.

9. Keep checking the lid every 3-4 minutes to make sure the sugar syrup does not over boiled and oozed out. Cook the cheese balls for about 5-8 minutes until the cheese balls doubled in size.

10. Remove the cooked cheese balls with some of the syrup and cook the next batch of the cheese balls until all done cooking.

11. When all cheese balls are cooked, place them all in a large bowl with half of the syrup.

5. 把奶豆腐团取出用手搓成长条状,分成小份然后轻轻搓成汤圆状,再稍微压扁。这个份量大概可以搓成 30-40 颗奶球。

6. 锅里把糖水煮滚,把奶球轻轻一颗颗的投入,记得要留有一半(足够的)空间让奶球有膨胀的空间。

7. 加盖后中火煮5-8分钟,间中观察一下糖水的状况,如果有要滚泻的模样,稍微打开盖子漏点气,再继续盖上煮。等奶球体积变两倍大的时候,就好了。把奶球分批煮好后捞出和一半的糖水一起盛到一口大碗里。

12. Blend 1 tbsp of cashew nuts with a little milk. Add saffron strips to the remaining syrup in the pot. Add the cashew paste and remaining milk, bring to boil and slowly add the cheese balls back to the liquid, let cold and wait for at least 1 hour before serving.

8. 把腰果用一点点的牛奶搅拌成腰果糊。在一口锅里把刚刚取出的糖水加上藏红花煮滚,加入腰果糊和牛奶,煮滚熄火。把奶球加入泡至少一个小时,冰箱里冰凉了再吃。

Garnish with chopped almond and pistachio.




  1. Goodness! I like all of the Indian sweets but never tried making them on my own. Your Rasmalai is just perfect dear!!!