Thursday, March 28, 2013

Braised Trotter with Mee Suah

As I have some braised pig trotter, I made this Mee Suah for lunch, this thin noodle is traditionally consumed in the southern part of China-- The Fujian Province, and widely used as cooking ingredients in Taiwan  Singapore & Malaysia.

This dish is to be eaten for good luck in Taiwan, normally after something bad happened, or when one wishing for luck, so now, lets all get some good luck!

Ingredients :
1 bowl of braised trotter with gravy
1 Bunch of Mee Suah (this noodle)
1/2 tsp fried shallot

Here is my braised trotter...

Bring a pot of water to boil, cook noodle until soft.

In a bowl, add fried shallot (if it is shop bought fried shallot, I normally microwaves it for 20 seconds to bring out the fragrant).

Add the gravy and cooked noodle into bowl, mixed well, and place some trotter pieces, garnish with some chopped spring onion. And its ready!

For Chinese, 中文版, Click --> 猪脚面线

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