Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Pumpkin Coconut Jam / Kaya (Vegan)

I went out to the pharmacy to pick up a few things yesterday and was surrounded by Halloween decorations in the stores! It is a good reminder that pumpkin season is here again! I am a big fan of pumpkins and would love to try just about any recipes that called for this golden color treat!

This particular Coconut Jam/Kaya recipe has been circulating around bloggers for a good couple of years, I have read about it and thought it was such a smart and brilliant way to make this renown coconut Jam vegetarian friendly! I bumped into this recipe again not long ago, and since I have a big piece of pumpkin sitting in the fridge, guess what I did yesterday?

Yupp! I made this jam and the outcome is so great that I can hardly take my eyes off of it! I hope my picture do justice to its beauty. 

I also enjoyed a piece of toast with butter and Kaya right after I was done making it. Now the idea of fall approaching is not that depressing anymore.

Recipe adapted from 人生加油站

300 gm cooked pumpkin pieces
200 gm coconut milk (Fresh one preferred, the next best would be frozen coconut milk)
130 gm sugar 

1. Peel and cut pumpkin into pieces, cook/steamed until cooked and pumpkin become soft. Measure out 300 gm.

2. Add 130 gm of sugar ( I used half powdered sugar and half brown sugar).

3. Defrost a packet of frozen coconut milk, measure out 200 gm of coconut milk.

4. Blend together all the ingredients in a blender until smooth, pour the mixture into a cooking pot, at medium heat, cook for about 10 minutes, constantly stirring to avoid sticking to the bottom. 

5. Turn the heat down to low and continue cooking/stirring for around 20 minutes or until the custard thickened, to check the readiness, stir slowly and if you can see some sort of ripple pattern showing and stays for around 1-2 seconds, the mixture is cooked and ready. Alternatively, if you starts seeing bubbles and it is getting  a little hard to stir the mixture, it is ready.

It is a brilliant bread spread, filling for steam bun, bun and could go with many types of Nyonya kuih.


  1. I have never made kaya before, mainly because we don't fancy sweet stuffs. Still, the kaya is tempting and wonderfully made. Its simple divine and utmost delicious looking.

    1. Hi! welcome to my blog!! This is so yumm... that we finished within a week!!


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