Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Seafood Crispy Rice Noodle

Last week was a very bad week for me and baby A, it was Friday afternoon and he started showing signs of fever, his fever spike up to 104 F that night, we brought him to his pediatrician first thing Saturday morning, apparently my poor baby had ear throat double infections, no wonder he refused food and nursing completely. 

Worrying that he will be dehydrated I had to forcefully give him liquid, he swallowed with great difficulty and lots of tears.

To cut the story short, it was 5 days and nights of no sleep and lots of tears for both mommy and baby. When he finally nursed after 5 whole days of nursing strike... I sigh with relief and promise to myself that I will never complain about his night time marathon nursing again!

So today after sending the baby to the daycare, I decided that I want something that could comfort me and compensate the harsh week I had! I set out to make this crispy rice noodle. 

There is this restaurant near my parent's house that made the best crispy rice noodle ever. I tried to make this as close to the one they made back home as possible. This recipe tastes slightly different than the one I liked, but not bad as a home cook version, not bad at all.



Ingredients:(for 2-3)

150 gm thick dried rice noodle (mihun)
6-7 shrimps (Devined)
1 Small cuttle fish (cleaned and cut into 1 inch thick)
1 piece of fish cake, sliced (optional)
4-5 Chinese Mustard Green (cut into 2 inches in length)
1 egg, lightly beaten
1 tsp minced garlic
1 tsp corn starch, dissolved in about 5 tbsp of water
2 tsp Fish Sauce/Nam Pla
1 cup of chicken stock 
Some sesame oil
Some Pepper powder
Salt to taste  optional

1 片 (150 gm)干米粉

6-7只  (剥壳留尾巴,去肠泥)
1 只 鱿鱼(清理干净,切段)
1 块 鱼片,切片 (optional)
4-5棵 油菜心
1 只 鸡蛋 稍微打匀
1 小勺 蒜蓉
1 小勺 粟粉(加5大匙水兑成芡水)
1 大勺 鱼露 
1 杯 高汤 
麻油 适量
胡椒粉 适量
盐适量  (可无)

1. Heat up about 1 cup of oil, deep fry the rice noodle in small batches until crisp and fluffy. (DO NOT soak or wash the rice noodle, use it right off the packet). Place the rice noodle in plates that you will serve the noodle.

2. Leave about 1 tbsp of oil in the cooking pan, stir in minced garlic and cook until fragrant.

3. Add all the seafood and cook until changes color, add the chicken stock and season with fish sauce and salt, bring the gravy to boil.

4. Add Chinese mustard and thicken the gravy with starch water, as the gravy boiling, give it a quick stir while you drip the lightly beaten egg into the wok, it will form egg drops.

5. Add a few drops of sesame oil and some white pepper powder, pour the whole gravy with seafood onto the crispy rice noodle.

6. Serve with some garlic and chili in soy sauce.

1. 把材料都准备好,米粉分批炸好滴干油备用。

2. 同一口锅里,留有大约1大勺油,把蒜蓉炒香后加入海鲜,翻炒变色。倒入高汤,焖煮大约两分钟后加入青菜、盐和鱼露调味。

3. 勾芡,然后把鸡蛋打散,一边快速翻炒材料,一边把鸡蛋倒入成蛋花状。

4. 熄火,滴入几滴麻油,撒上一点点胡椒粉,把汤汁淋到米粉上即可。

5. 吃的时候可以沾点辣椒蒜蓉和酱油。