Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Mint Cucumber Juice 薄荷黄瓜汁

I rescued two cucumber plants from Walmart sometimes end of Summer, they were wilting and turning yellow and Walmart was pretty much giving up on them already.

I planted it at the edge of my raised bed against the backyard fence with a trellis, after days of carefully watering and feeding, the cucumber revived and flourished to two very healthy plants that yield good fruits.

Together with the Mint Syrup that I made using the mint leaves from my backyard, I made this refreshing and almost (the sugar, you see?) detoxifying drink. Just love it!


我把它们移植到后院菜园子的角落靠近篱笆的地方,勤浇水和施肥的几周之后,两棵黄瓜都满血复活了! 后来还给我结了好多的瓜。


1 cucumber
1 tsp of Mint Syrup
Some drinking water

1 根黄瓜
1小勺的 薄荷糖浆

1. Make the Mint Syrup ahead of time and store in refrigerator to be use later.

1. 先把薄荷糖浆熬好装瓶冷藏。

2. You can use a blender/juicer to extract the juice of cucumber,  add a little water, sieve and serve with ice cubes and some mint syrup.

2. 用果汁机/榨汁机把黄瓜汁榨出,兑点水,加冰块和薄荷糖浆一起喝。