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Som Tum Ma Muang 【泰式青芒果沙拉】

Som Tum is the most popular salad in Thailand, you can see stalls selling it at almost most corners of the streets in Thailand. There are many types of Som Tum in Thailand with various kind of ingredients and seasoning.

The recipe I make today is called Som Tum Thai, the sweet and sour version. The two most popular types of Som Tum Thai are green papaya salad and this green mango salad, though the greens and ingredients may vary a little, both the Som Tums are pretty similar.

A very good friend of mine MiuMiu, who loves Thai foods a lot found Thai-Laos Mortar/Pestles from a Thai/Laos store, and she was such a darling to send me one all the way from NY!

With the right tool and good green mango that I found at a local Indian store, I am ready for a plate of Som Tum Ma Muang on this hot summer day!

青木瓜沙拉和青芒果沙拉 (Som Tum) 是两款泰国最具代表性的轻食,也是国外的泰国餐厅里必有的前菜。Som Tum 摊子更是在泰国的街头巷尾都找得到,Som Tum 在泰国的做法更多样化,有咸螃蟹Som Tum, 咸蛋Som Tum,臭鱼Som Tum等等。

好友MiuMiu热爱泰国菜,经常研究做法。她有一天在纽约的一家泰国老挝超市看见了专门做Som Tum的锥形捣臼, 不仅给自己买了一个,还给我寄来一个。我何其幸运,有如此好友,真是感激不尽。

既然有了捣臼,这个夏天不做个Som Tum,如何对得起好友的一番心意?

1 Green Mango
6-7 Cherry Tomatoes
1/2 lime
2 Long bean
3-4 Dried Shrimps
1 clove of Garlic
1 Shallot
1 Sprig of Coriander leaves/cilantro
2 Thai Chilies (I used 1.5)
1/4 cup of Roasted Peanuts

2 tsp of Nam Pla/Fish Sauce
1 tsp of Coconut/Palm Sugar

1 只青芒果
6-7 只 樱桃番茄
1/2 只 青柠
2 条 豇豆
3-4 只 虾米
1 瓣 蒜瓣
1 只 红葱头
1 小把 芫荽/香菜叶
2 朝天椒Thai Chilies (I used 1.5)
1/4 杯 去皮 烤花生米

2 大勺 或适量 鱼露 Nam Pla/Fish Sauce
1 小勺 或适量 棕榈糖/椰糖 Coconut/Palm Sugar

1. These are the ingredients I used for my Som Tum, my cute Thai/Lao Mortar & Pestles, my favorite Fish Sauce and the coconut palm sugar that I used.

1. 这些是我用的材料,锥形泰式/老挝捣臼,我觉得味道最好的鱼露之一和有机椰糖。

2. Start by peeling and shredding the green mango, you can use a julienne peeler to do this, if you do not have this type of peeler, you can also shred the mango by making multiple cuts lengthwise on the mango using a sharp knife, do this over and over until you have good amount of cuts which resemblance thin strips, the cut should be pretty deep so that you can produce good amount of long strips without having to repeat the process too many times. Slice the cuts lengthwise to produce long thin shreds.

2. 先把青芒果削皮,然后取个擦丝器擦成丝。如果家里没有合适的擦丝器可以取一把长刀在芒果果肉上切许多刀,刀痕是你要的芒果丝的粗细,尽量切深一些,那么就不必一直重复这个动作。然后把刀打横削,削出来的就自然是丝状了。

3. Clean the mortar and pestles, place dried shrimps in it and pound until it is crushed, add thai chili and garlic clove, pound until crushed and smell releases.

4. Squeeze in half a lime worth of juice, you can also cut the remaining of lime into pieces and place them in the mortar. Add fish sauce/Nam Pla and palm sugar, pound until the palm sugar dissolved.

5. Halved and add the cherry tomatoes, you can now reduce the force of pounding as you want to pound enough to crush the tomato and release some juices but it should not be too hard that it smashed the tomatoes and loses its shape. 

6. Add the thinly sliced shallot and yard bean/long bean that is broken into 2 inches long. Pound a few time and with the help of a big spoon, mix the ingredients together. You can check the taste now and adjust the taste with lime juice, palm sugar or Nam Pla if need so.

7. Once you are happy with the taste, add shredded mango and cilantro, pound and mix until the juices and all ingredients are well mixed. Serve immediately with some crushed roasted peanuts on top. 

3. 把捣臼洗净,先下虾米捣碎,再下朝天椒和蒜瓣捣烂。

4. 青柠切半取半只挤出青柠汁,可把挤好的青柠切块加入一起捣。加入鱼露和棕榈糖/椰糖继续捣拌至棕榈糖溶化。

5. 把樱桃番茄切半加入,稍微捣出汁液,这个时候力道可以稍微轻一些,别把番茄都捣烂了。

6. 加入红葱头片和切段的豇豆继续捣拌,可用一个大勺协助拌匀。我一般会这个时候试试味道,可按喜好加棕榈糖、鱼露和柠檬汁调口味。

7. 一旦味道合你的口味了,即可把芒果丝和切段的香菜/芫荽加入捣拌至汤汁和材料全部混匀,盛出装盘撒上花生碎开吃!


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