Monday, August 13, 2018

Yard Bean Leaves Congee 【豆叶粥】

Two months back a parent from my son's Chinese school gave me a few seedlings ,but he wasn't all too sure what they are. One of them grew well and it turned out to be a yard long bean plant.

As it is not yet producing flowers, it is a good time to consume the leaves, my grandma used to cook us this Yard Bean Leaves Congee when we were young, yard bean leaves are tender and very delicious in soup and congee.



1 bunch/ about 100 g of yard long bean leaves
1/4 cup of dried anchovies
1/2 cup of Jasmine rice
Salt to taste
Some Sesame oil
A dash of white pepper powder

一大把/大约100克 的 豆角叶
1/4 杯 江鱼仔/小鱼干
1/2 杯 泰国香米/ 白米

The yard long bean plant at my front door.... 


1. Harvest and clean the yard long bean leaves, stems and harder part of the leaves are removed. Wash and drain.

2. Wash and fry the anchovies until crunchy, take half of the fried anchovies out to serve as condiment later. 

3. Place the remaining anchovies into a deep pot with 5 cups of water, bring to boil and cook covered with lid for 10-15 mins to make a simple broth.

4. Wash the rice and add it to the broth, stir a cook at medium heat until the congee is cooked, the rice become soft and soupy. Season with salt.

5. Heat 1 tbsp of oil in a wok, stir fry the bean leaves until it is cooked, add the cooked leaves to the congee. Serve with some sesame oil, a dash of white pepper powder and some fried anchovies.

1. 把豆叶摘下,开花前的豆叶都很嫩,大小都可以吃的。把豆叶洗净摘好,把绿叶沿着比较粗硬的枝干/纹路撕下,洗净沥干备用。

2. 把江鱼仔/鱼干洗净用几大勺的食油炸酥,取一半滴干油备用。

3. 剩下的一半江鱼仔盛到一口锅里加五杯水煮滚转中火熬煮10-15分钟后江鱼仔高汤就熬制好了。

4. 把白米淘洗好加入高汤里煮滚后转中火煮20分钟至白粥熬制好,喜欢浓稠的可以再多熬十分钟,加盐调味。

5. 锅里加1大勺食油,把豆叶煸炒软后加到熬制好的白粥里。吃前加几滴麻油、一点胡椒粉和一些炸酥的江鱼仔。



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