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大桔大利【桔子豆包】 Chinese Mandarin Tau Sa Pau




I made these Mandarin steamed buns on the 9th day of Chinese New Year, when I posted the pictures of these buns on my FB page, many of my friends thought there are real Mandarin oranges!

It was so much fun making them!

1/2 根 胡萝卜
1 小块 南瓜
1 杯/ 120 克 面粉
1 小勺/4 克 白糖
1 小勺/4 克 酵母
1 大勺 食油

1 1/2 杯 煮好的豆沙

1/2  Carrot
1 piece of pumpkin
1 cup/ 120 g of all purpose flour
1 tsp/4 g Sugare
1 tsp/4 g Yeast
1 tbsp of cooking oil

1 1/2 Cup Cooked Sweet Adzuki Bean Paste

1. 把南瓜和胡萝卜切块蒸软后加一点水搅拌成糊状,水的用量只要能搅得动搅拌机即可,水多了揉出来的面团颜色太淡成品就不那么好看。喜欢颜色更深点的可以完全使用胡萝卜制作。

2. 取一只干净的大盆把一杯面粉、酵母和糖放到盆里,倒入1/2杯的南瓜胡萝卜糊,用筷子或勺子把面粉拌成棉絮状后加入一大勺的食油后下手揉成一个光滑的面团。加盖发酵成两倍大。


3. 面团发酵的时候取已经做好的或买回来的豆沙分成六份揉成球状放冰箱里冷藏备用。

4. 发好的面团揉出空气后分割成6个等份,全部揉圆后盖上干净的布或保鲜膜醒面10分钟。

5. 取一只面团擀开成边上薄中间厚的面片,取豆沙球一只放到面片中间,用一般捏包子的方法包好豆沙馅。

1. Peel and cubed pumpkin & carrot. Steam the cubes for 25 minutes until soft, wait until the paste is cooled enough to work with. Add a little water to blend the pumpkin and carrot into a thick paste. If you like the color of your Mandarins to be darker, use only carrot without the pumpkin.

2. Place 1 cup of all purpose flour in mixing bowl together with yeast and sugar, add 1/2 cup of the pumpkin & carrot paste in the mixing bowl, stir to for crumbs like texture with a spatula, add 1 tbsp of cooking oil in the mixture, knead to form a medium stiff dough. Cover with lid and set aside to rise for 45 minutes-1 hour until the dough double in size.

Note:Adding cooking oil in this recipe is crucial, it adds shines to the buns after steaming which makes them look more real.

3. Divide the Adzuki bean paste into 6 equal parts and place it in the refrigerator while the dough is fermenting.

4. Take the dough out on the kitchen counter, knead again for 3-5 minutes to release air from the dough, once the dough is smooth again, divide the dough into 6 equal parts, roll into small dough, cover with damp cloth or cling paper and rest for 10 minutes.

5. Take one of the small dough to roll out into the shape of disk, slightly thicker in the middle. Place one of the Adzuki bean balls in the middle, bring the disc around and pinch to wrap the filling. Repeat the steps to wrap all the buns with fillings.

6. 把包子全都捏好后捏合处往下摆好。取一个纤维比较粗的干净手巾或毛巾打湿扭干,取一只包子胚捏合处向上摆到毛巾中间。

7. 把毛巾收起包住包子胚稍微挤压,这个动作是要把毛巾纤维的印记印到包子皮上制作橘子皮的效果。

8. 把所有的包子胚都处理好之后开始整型,取一个锥形的工具(我用了挤花嘴)在包子胚上压出凹印作果蒂部分,再取牙签或竹签压出几个印痕,依次把所有的包子胚都处理好。


6. Take a clean hand towel that has a rough texture and make it a little damp, take one of the bun dough and place it over on the towel, wrap the towel around the dough and lightly press to make imprints of the marks of fibers around the dough to make it looked like the Mandarin skin.

7.  Repeat the above steps for all the dough, take an icing head and press it down in the middle of the doughs to make a dent, use toothpick or bamboo stick to make a few marks to look like the base of stem, repeat on all the doughs.

Note:If you want the skin to look even more real, at this point of time, take the towel and wrap around these doughs and make one more imprints of the fibers,crisscrossing of the imprints gives faint shadows to the final products and making it looks almost like the real thing in texture.

9. 把整好型的包子放到不通电的蒸笼里二次发酵10分钟。10分钟后高火蒸包子15分钟,蒸好先别揭盖,等五分钟后再出锅。

10. 趁包子在锅里蒸的时候到门口的常青树或果树上剪几枝带有嫩叶的枝丫,洗净修剪成2-3片叶子的样子,等包子蒸好即可插到包子中央点缀。


9. Place the buns in a steamer with warm water underneath to rise again for 10 minutes.

10. Turn the stove on at high and steam the buns for 15 minutes, once it is done steaming, leave the buns in the steamer for five more minutes after turning the heat off without opening the lid/steamer door. This is to prevent shrinking of the buns skin.

11. Pick a few green stems of green leaves from plant outside the house when the buns are steaming, preferably leaves from fruit plants. Clean and cut the stems to 2-3 leaves each. Insert the leaves to the steamed buns once it is cooled enough to remove from steamer.

The buns look even more real when it is cooled....


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