Saturday, January 29, 2022

【红豆年糕】Adzuki Bean Nian Gao



It is the time of the year again to celebrate Chinese New Year. Since I am not able to make the trip back home (again) due to the pandemic, I decided to make a few Chinese New Year dishes to celebrate here in the States.

This year, instead of the traditional Niao Gao that I normally made for CNY, I opted for this Adzuki Bean Nian Gao this year, somewhat healthier, and something different.

400 克 红豆
450 克 糯米粉
300-350 克 红糖
4 杯/950 克 水

400 g Adzuki bean
450 g Glutinous rice flour
300-350 g brown sugar
4 cup/950 ml water

1. 把红豆洗净泡一晚上,第二天把泡红豆的水倒了。

2. 把红豆和4杯水一起煮,煮滚后继续煮约五分钟即可熄火。把煮红豆的水倒出备用。

3. 取两个8-9寸的容器,铺上油纸或芭蕉叶。油纸上可以稍微抹点油。

1. Clean and soak the Adzuki bean over night.

2. The next day, clean the bean again and cook beans with 4 cups of water, bring to boil and cook for 5 minutes. Drain and keep the water aside.

3. Line parchment paper over two 8-9 inches pans. Lightly oil the parchment paper if you wish.

4. 把红糖和糯米粉放到一个大盆里,注入煮红豆的水,快速搅拌均匀。面糊比较稠,需要点力气搅拌是正常的。

5. 把煮好的红豆拌入,均匀地把年糕糊倒入容器,记得倒七八分满即可,免得蒸年糕的时候膨胀溢出。

6. 把年糕入蒸笼中火蒸制3个小时至表面光滑。冷却脱模即可食用,也可后期加工过煎或蒸了吃。

4. Place brown sugar and glutinous rice flour in a mixing bowl, add the water from boiling adzuki bean, mix until smooth, the batter will be slightly thick, so it may require some arm strength.

5. Add the cooked beans and mix well. Pour the batter into pan to about 70-80% full, the batter will expand during the cooking process, so make sure you leave enough room for that.

6. Steam the Nian Gao at high heat for 3 hours, let cool before cutting and serving.


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