Sunday, February 6, 2022

【炮竹虾】Firecracker Shrimp


These firecracker shrimps were made on the first day of Chinese New Year, beside being right for the occasion, it is also tastes amazing! The family enjoyed it as a starter for our CNY dinner.

2 磅 中虾 (大约 25 只)
13 张 春卷皮
一只鸡蛋打散 或 一点面粉加水成糊状

1 小勺 料酒
1 小勺 酱油
1 小勺 水
1/2 小勺 蚝油
一小撮 胡椒粉

2 lb. Medium Shrimp (around 25)
13 Pieces of spring roll wrapper
1 egg beaten or 1 tsp of all purpose flour mixed wit little water

For Marinade:
1 tsp Cooking wine
1 tsp Soy Sauce
1 tsp Water
1/2 tsp Oyster Sauce
a pinch of white pepper powder

1. 把虾洗净去头去壳去肠泥。

2. 在虾腹的位置隔一点距离划一刀,划上大约3-4刀。因为虾子天然的曲线是弯的,这个步骤是让虾子可以拉直。炸完更像炮竹。

3. 把虾都处理好之后在盘子里摆好。

4. 把腌制料混匀,均匀洒在虾肉上,尽量别碰触到虾尾,这样炸出来的虾子颜色更好看,也不会有苦味,腌制10分钟。

1. Peel and devein the shrimps. 

2. Nick the inside curve of the shrimp a few times to straighten the shrimp.

3. Place the shrimps on a plate without overlapping.

4. Mix the ingredients under marinade and drizzle the marinades evenly over the shrimps, avoid the tails.

5. 把春卷皮一分为二切开成两个等边三角形。准备一点面粉水,或者一只鸡蛋打散,待会粘合用。

6. 把一只虾摆到一张春卷皮大概1/3之处,由左往右开始卷,把上端的面皮折下来继续卷起,尾端抹点蛋液或面粉水粘合。

7. 依次把所有的虾子都包好,这个小吃可以事前处理好冷冻起来,要吃的时候才炸更方便。

8. 锅里热上大约两寸食油,把炮竹虾入锅中火炸至金黄色,沥干油即可食用。


5. Cut the spring roll wrapper in half  diagonally, cover to prevent drying. Place beaten egg in a bowl with a brush, or mix 1 tsp of all purpose with some water.

6. Place a shrimp on one part of the wrapper, start rolling from left to right, when it reached the middle of the wrapper, fold the top part of the wrapper down, continue to roll and use some egg wash or flour mixture to seal the roll.

7. Repeat for the remaining shrimps, you can prepare the firecracker shrimps ahead of time and freeze it. Use as and when needed without having to thaw it.

8. Heat about 2 inches of oil in cooking pan, deep fry the shrimps until golden brown in color, serve hot with Sweet Thai Chili Sauce

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