Monday, February 21, 2022

【番薯芋头炸年糕】Fried Nian Gao With Yam and Sweet Potato



I had only planned to make Adzuki Nian Gao this year for the Chinese New Year Celebration, but I have been craving for this fried Nian Gao for such a long time that I ended up making another Nian Gao the traditional way.

The crust recipe of this fried Nian Gao has been fine tuned for years, this batch of crust turned out the best and the Nian Gao stays crispy hours after it was fried, it just hit the spot and just brought me right back home to those afternoon times, sharing this snack with my beloved family.

Note: The crust recipe is also perfect for Fried Banana, Fried Yam and Sweet Potato.


500 克 年糕

300 克 芋头

300 克 红薯/番薯


50 克 粘米粉

50 克 蛋黄粉  (或 一只蛋黄代替)

100 克 低筋面粉 (或 80克中筋面粉加20克玉米淀粉)

15 克/ 1 大勺 食油

3 克/ 1/2 小勺 食盐

20 克 石灰水  (可无)

180-200 克  水 


500 g of Nian Gao/Chinese Sweet Rice Cake

300 g of Yam

300 g of Sweet Potato

For crust batter: (To make around 20-25 pieces of fried Nian Gao)

50 g of Rice flour

50 g Custard powder (Or an egg yolk)

100 g of Cake flour (OR 80 g of all purpose flour and 20 g of Corn Starch)

15 g/ 1 tbsp of Cooking Oil

3 g/ 1/2 tsp of Salt

20 ml/g of Limewater   Optional

180-200 ml/g of water 

1. 先把脆浆调好,把所有脆浆食谱里的材料混合匀即可,把调好的面糊静置20分钟。



1. Place all ingredients listed under Crust batter in a mixing bowl, whisked together until smooth and set aside for 20 minutes. The consistency of batter should be like the one of pancake batter.

Note:Add 20 gm of limewater to 80 g of water if you have limewater ready at home, if not, just use 200 g of water.

Note 2:I liked my crust to be on the thinner side, if you liked yours a little thicker, just reduce the water to around 190 ml/g. 

2. 把年糕、芋头和红薯切成相等大小的片状,芋头和红薯夹着年糕摆好。起好油锅,热上2-3寸的油。

3. 取一份芋头红薯年糕夹均匀地浸到脆浆里挂上糊,入锅中火慢慢炸至金黄色,取出沥干即可。

2. Cut the rice cake, yam and sweet potato to similar sizes. Place the Nian Gao between yam and sweet potato to form a sandwich. Heat around 2-3 inches of oil in a frying pan.

3. Take one part of the trio and tightly hold them together with your fingertips, dipped into batter and swirl around to evenly coat with batter.

4. Deep fry the Nian Gao at medium heat until both sides are golden brown in color. Remove the Nian Gao from the hot oil and let it drain for a few minutes. Serve warm with Chinese tea. 

几个小时后都还超级酥脆的炸年糕。It stays crispy even after few hours!


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