Thursday, April 14, 2022

【摩摩喳喳】Bubur Cha Cha



I have made Bubur Cha Cha many times over the years, but failed to take pictures to write a recipe mainly because I normally made this sweet dish either for party or get together with friends, so I was always in a rush.

One day couple of weeks ago I realized I have all the ingredients needed for this Sweet dish at home, so I decided to make Bubus Cha Cha for snack time, and this time I can quietly enjoy this sweet dish without having to rush!

250 克 紫薯
350 克 红薯
350 克 芋头
35 克 西米
3 叶 香兰叶  打结
150-160 克 椰糖 Palm Sugar
250 克 椰浆
1500 克 水

5 克 干或 鲜的 蝶豆花
1/3 杯/85 克 滚水
2/3杯/ 85 克 木薯粉

250 g Purple sweet potato
350 g Sweet Potato
350 g  Yam
35 g Sago/Tapioca Pearls
3 Pandan Leaves Tie into knot
150-160 g Palm Sugar
250 g Coconut milk/cream
1500 g of water

For the Blue tapioca pearls:
5 g Dried or fresh Butterfly pea flowers
1/3 cup/85 ml Boiling water
2/3 cup/ 85 g Tapioca Starch

1. 先做蓝宝石珍珠(你也可以用热水和食用色素做其他颜色的珍珠,我很少用色素,所以就做了天然的宝蓝色)。

2. 把滚水和蝶豆花泡上,挤出蝶豆花汁,可以微波炉里再次加热,倒入木薯粉里和成团,水一定要滚热,不然木薯粉会不成团。

3. 把木薯粉团稍微揉成条状,揪出不规则的形状入滚水里煮熟至飘起即可捞出泡入凉水里备用。

1. To make the blue tapioca pearls, add boiling hot water to the butterfly pea flowers, steep for 5 minutes, and squeeze out as much liquid as you can, discard the flowers. 

2. Reheat the blue tea either on stove or in the microwave to bring it to rolling boil again, it has to be piping hot to be able to hold the tapioca starch together.

3. Knead the tea and flour to form a dough, roll it out and pinch out small pieces in various shapes you can make it into any shapes of your liking. Add the pearls in boiling water and cook until it floats on water, take the pearls out and place them in cold water.

4. 把紫薯红薯和芋头削皮切块后入蒸笼里蒸20分钟。

5. 锅里煮滚半锅水,加入西米稍微煮5分钟后熄火加盖焖5分钟,把西米捞出泡入凉水里备用。

4. Peel and cut both the potatoes and yam into cubes, steam at high in a steamer for 20 minutes until cooked but not mushy.

5. Bring half a pot of water to boil, add sago into the pot and cook for 5 minutes, cover with lid and wait for 5 minutes. Take out the cooked sago and place in cold water.

6. 把香兰叶打结加入1500毫升/克的水里和棕榈糖一起煮滚后继续煮5分钟。

7. 把香兰叶取出丢弃,熄火。把煮好的红薯紫薯和芋头加入糖水里,倒入椰奶/椰浆拌匀。

8. 把蓝宝石珍珠和西米加入拌匀即可食用,喜欢吃凉的可以放到冰箱里冷藏再吃。

6. Place the pandan leaves with palm sugar in 1500 ml of water and bring to boil, continue to cook for 5 more minutes.

7. Discard the pandan leaves, turn the stove off. Add the steamed sweet potato and yam cubes in, add coconut milk/cream and gently mix everything.

8. Add the blue tapioca pearl and sago, serve warm or cold to your liking.


  1. Where can I get the fresh or dry fresh Butterfly pea flowers?

    I used to make this dessert (40ys ago ), but I used the food colour for the tapioca pearls.

    Thanks for posting this.