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Chicken Rendang (Malaysian Rendang Chicken Curry) 【冷當咖哩雞】

There are many types of curries in Malaysia, this Rendang Curry chicken is the signature "Dried" curry, the gravy of curry was simmered down to mere minimum, the tasty and creamy gravy coats each and every piece of the meat and gives a thick flavorful taste to the curry.


1 whole Chicken (around 2.5 lb)
250 gm Shredded coconut
15 gm Galangal
1 stalk Lemon Grass
4 tbsp Meat Curry powder

To grind into paste:
12 Dried Chilies
200gm Shallot
8 Candle nuts
5 cloves Garlic


1 整只雞 (大約 2.5 lb)切大塊
250 gm + 50 gm 椰絲
15 gm 蘭姜 Galangal
1 根 香茅 Lemon Grass
4 tbsp 馬來咖哩粉 Meat Curry powder

12 根辣椒乾
200gm 紅蔥 Shallot
8 只 石栗 Candle nuts (或用腰果代替)
5 瓣 蒜瓣

糖 適量 (大約 2 tsp)
鹽適量  (大約 1.5 tsp)

1.  Add the shredded coconut into a food processor and add half a cup of water, turn the food professor on for like 10 seconds, pour the mixture onto a clean cheese cloth, wrapped it around and squeeze out the thick coconut milk. Keep it aside.

2. Place the shredded coconut back into the food processor, this time add two cups of water and run processor for 30 second, do the same by squeezing out thin coconut milk using cheese cloth.

1.  把椰絲解凍,倒入一個食物料理機裡加入1/2杯水,攪拌10秒鐘。在一口乾淨的盆子上覆蓋乾淨的布(我用了Cheesecloth),把椰絲和水一起倒到布上,然後包起,用手把椰漿擠出,即成頭遍椰漿,放一邊備用。(如果買不到椰絲,也可用1杯的冷凍椰漿代替)。

2. 把椰絲再次放入食物料理機裡,加入2 1/2 杯水,攪拌30秒,再倒入乾淨的布裡,擠出二遍(薄椰漿)備用。(或用1杯的冷凍椰漿兌上1 1/2 杯的水代替)。

3. Grind together dried chilies, candle nuts, garlic and shallot. 

4. Toast about 1/2 cup of shredded coconut on a frying pan until golden brown in color, let it cooled and grind it in a coffee grinder to become powder.

3. 把辣椒乾,石栗,蒜瓣和紅蔥加點水攪拌成糊狀。 
4. 另外把50 克的椰絲在一口乾淨的鍋裡煸炒至金黃色,冷卻後用磨咖啡豆的機器磨成粉,備用。

5. Bruise the lemongrass and galangal, set aside. Cut chicken into big pieces about 1/2 the palm size, marinate with meat curry powder for at least 30 minutes.

6. Place thick coconut milk in a cooking pan/wok, bring to boil until oil start separated at the edge, Place the grounded paste in the pan with lemon grass and galangal. Bring to boil again for about 5 minutes.

7. Now add the marinated chicken, cook the chicken for about 5 minutes, till it change colour, pour in the thin coconut milk, bring to boil and turn the heat to medium and cook for about 1 1/2 - 2 hours without lid till the chicken become tender, season with salt and sugar, add toasted coconut powder (Kerisik) and continue cooking until the gravy thicken.

It goes perfectly well with Nasi Lemak

5. 香茅去老皮,切段用大刀拍拍,蘭姜切大塊,也用大刀拍扁。雞肉切成半個巴掌大,加入咖哩粉拌勻醃至少30分鐘。

6. 在一口鍋裡把濃椰漿(頭遍椰漿)倒入煮滾,收濃至出油為止,倒入攪拌好的辣椒糊,加入香茅和蘭姜,煮滾。

7. 加入醃好的雞肉塊,翻勻,大約五分鐘後,加入二遍椰漿(薄椰漿),煮滾之後轉中小火,不加蓋燜燉 1 1/2 - 2個小時或至雞肉變軟,加入鹽和糖調味,加入剛剛磨好的椰粉(Kerisik)繼續燜燉至醬汁收濃即可。


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