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【香蕉叶烤蒲鱼/魔鬼鱼】Ikan Bakar Daun Pisang (Grilled Fish in Banana Leaf)



This grilled fish is one of the many dishes that one could find in the local market or hawker centers in Malaysia. There are many ways to prepared it, it could be grilled or shallow fried on hot plate, and could be marinate with so many different combination of spices and sauces.

Grilled fish is often served with a kind of sweet and sourish dipping sauce called Air Assam. A combination of many different tastes that make one's palate dances, it is truly a classic of Malaysian cuisine.

400 克 的蒲鱼/魔鬼鱼/stingray

1-2 大勺 多用途叁巴辣椒酱
1 小勺 海鲜咖喱粉 (我用了Babas‘ 牌子的)
1/2 小勺 鱼露 或 一点盐代替 (根据叁巴酱的咸味调整)
2 小勺 油

两 片 香蕉叶(我用了冷冻的)或烤纸代替

1 小勺 的酸子酱/Tamarind Paste
2 大勺 水
2 只 朝天椒 切碎 
1/4 只 红辣椒 切碎
1-2 只 红葱/shallot 切丝 (或用大葱代替)
1/8 小勺 烤好捏碎的虾酱/Belachan
一点 盐
适量 糖 (大约 1 小勺) 

400 gm of stingray (Ikan Pari)

For marinate:
1-2 tbsp Sambal Tumis
1 tsp Meat Curry Powder (I used Babas brand)
1/2 tsp Fish Sauce or a pinch of salt (Adjust according to the saltiness of Sambal tumis)
2 tsp Cooking oil

2 pieces of banana leaves around 1 ft x 1/2 ft or substitute with parchment paper

Air Assam (Dipping Sauce):
1 tsp Tamarind Paste
2 tbsp water
2 Thai chili (minced)
1/4 red pepper (minced)
1-2 shallot thinly sliced(or substitute with chopped onion)
1/8 tsp toasted belachan and pounded
A pinch of salt
Sugar to taste (around 1 tsp) 

1. 先制作腌制的酱料,先把2小勺的油加上1小勺的咖喱粉拌匀,放到微波炉里微波45 秒,取出拌匀,再微波30秒(这个过程根据你家的微波炉而定,它的目的是爆香咖喱粉,但是不要焦了)。加入 1-2小勺 多用途叁巴辣椒酱和鱼露/盐拌匀。可以试试味道根据口味增减盐或鱼露。

2. 把鱼处理干净,稍微在皮的部分划上两刀。把腌料用刷子均匀地刷在鱼的表面,确保每一面都刷上腌料。不要刷得太厚,薄薄的一层就好了,腌制一个小时。

3. 鱼腌制的时候制作沾酱,把酸子,水,虾酱,糖和盐混匀,然后加入葱丝和辣椒拌匀即可。

4. 把一个烤盘铺上洗净的香蕉叶,抹上或喷上薄薄的一层油,摆上鱼(我直接在香蕉叶上腌鱼了),铺上一片香蕉叶。烤箱转broil,500F,烤10分钟,把铺在上边的香蕉叶拿掉,再broil 5分钟至焦香即可。


1. Mix 2 tsp of oil with 1 tsp of curry powder and microwave it for 45 sec, take it out and stir, microwave for another 30 seconds. ( This is to bring out the aroma of curry powder, do not over do it and burn the curry powder). Now add 1-2 tsp of Sambal Tumis paste and fish sauce/ salt. ( Taste to adjust saltiness).

2. Clean the stingray, dry with paper towel, and brush the spice mixture all over the fish, leave it aside to marinate for about 1 hour.

3. While the fish is marinating, make the Air Asam dipping sauce, mix together tamarind paste, water, toasted belachan, sugar and salt, make sure the sugar and salt are fully dissolved. Add sliced shallot and chili, mix well.

4. Place a piece of banana leaf onto a baking pan, spray or rub a thin layer of cooking oil over banana leaf. Place the marinated fish onto banana leaf, and cover with another banana leaf, broil at 500F for 10 minutes, remove the covered banana leaf, continue to broil for another 5 minutes or until the edge charred.

Note:You could also make this over grill or frying pan, just oiled the grill or pan and place banana leaf onto it, and cook as you would for any fish dishes.

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