Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Thai basil turkey/chicken recipe (pad kra pao gai) 【泰式打抛火鸡肉】

We used to live near the Malaysia-Thailand border for a couple of years when I was a little kid, my family often goes over to "the other side of the border" for shopping and good foods.

This dish is one of our favourite dishes. It could be made with not just minced pork,  variations include minced beef or chicken, I used turkey today and it still taste as amazing!



Ingredients:(Serves 2)
250 gms Minced chicken/turkey
3-4 thai green chillies
2 cloves of garlic
1/2 Shallot
1 tsp Oyster sauce
1 tsp of Fish Sauce (Nampla) or to taste
1/2 teaspoon of Sugar
1 tsp Lemon/lime juice  (1 wedge of lime) Optional
2 cup of Thai Holy basil leaves 
1/2 cup of chopped long bean

2 fried egg

250 克 火鸡肉糜/鸡肉糜 
4-6 只 泰国小辣椒(不嗜辣请减半)
2 瓣 蒜
1/2 只 红葱头
1  小勺 蚝油
1 小勺 鱼露/酱油(根据口味咸淡而定)
1/2 小勺 糖 
1 小勺 柠檬汁(可无)
2 杯 圣罗勒 或 九层塔 (摘取叶子) 
1/2 杯 豇豆 切小段


2 只荷包蛋

Pound the garlic, shallot and chillies in a mortar and pestle, you can also chop the trio if you don't have a mortar and pestle.

Clean and pick Thai holy basil leaves from stem, set aside. Substitute with Thai basil if you can't find the holy basil.

Heat up a frying pan, fry pounded garlic shallot and chilli with about 2 tbsp of oil, when it is fragrant, push it aside.

Add minced turkey, stir fry till it changes colour, add 1/2 cups of chicken stock or water to cook for 3 minutes, add oyster sauce, fish sauce, sugar and cook for another 2-3 minutes.

Add the long bean and cook for 2-3 minutes, when the long bean is almost done, add the basil leaves and mix well.

Squeeze the lime juice over minced meat and serve with hot rice and a fried egg .



加入火鸡肉末炒至变色后加入一点水煮滚后,加入蚝油、鱼露、糖再煮个2-3分钟, 加入豇豆再继续煮个2-3分钟。



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