Sunday, October 5, 2014

Adzuki Bean White Fungus Sweet Soup 【紅豆銀耳湯】

I grow up eating red bean (Adzuki) soup as dessert/snack a lot. There are many ways to prepare this sweet soup, adding palm sugar, pandan/screwpine leaves, black glutinous rice are some of the variances.

But making this sweet soup with white fungus (銀耳)is something new to me, mom and I had this sweet soup made this way the first time sometimes ago at the Dharma Drum's Temple, it was part of the vegetarian feast they had over the Buddha's birthday celebration. 

We liked it instantly and thought the combination make a lot of sense, Adzuki bean being high in fiber and iron but slightly heat-y is well compensated with the cooling effect of white fungus, not only that, adding the white fungus make the soup that much more smoother and creamy!



紅豆有很高的鐵質,維他命B和膳食纖維,而銀耳具有滋阴润肺、益气和血之功效, 實在是配搭相當合理而且好吃的糖水呢!

1 cup of red bean/Adzuki bean
1-2 florets of white fungus
Rock sugar to taste ( I used around 3 tbsp)

1 杯紅豆
1-2 朵的銀耳
冰糖適量 ( 我用了大約 3 tbsp)

1. The method of preparation is really very simple, wash and soaked both adzuki bean and white fungus for 2 hours separately.

2. Wash thoroughly again and place both bean and white fungus in a slow cooker/crock pot with 5-6 cups of water. Cook at high for 3 hours until the bean become soft. season with rock sugar.

1. 把紅豆和銀耳洗淨泡水兩個小時。

2. 再次洗淨,銀耳稍微掰開,和紅豆一起擺到慢燉鍋裡,加5-6杯水高火燉3個小時,加冰糖調味即可。

Serve warm or cold to your liking.

中文 -- 紅豆銀耳湯

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