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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Japanese White Stew/日式蔬菜浓汤(クリームシチュ)

My son A will be 3 in a few months, I can't believe how fast he grows into a toddler with a lot to say! This summer is one of the best as he is interested in learning differently kind of vegetables and fruits, we had so much fun planting and weeding together in the garden.

I also brought him for grocery shopping a lot nowadays and let him pick whatever vegetables that he like.We had much fun learning different kinds of foods and veggies before buying.

This stew was made in last winter after one of our shopping trip, he picked the frozen vegetables and I wanted him to have some protein so I added some organic chicken in the stew.

This soup is so warming and satisfying, one pot could serve the whole family well.





200 gm skinless chicken thigh/breast(cubed and marinate with a pinch of salt and pepper powder)
1 medium potato
1 medium onion
1 1/2 cup frozen or freshly chopped vegetables
2 1/2 cup chicken stock
1 cup water
1/2 cup organic whole milk
2 tbsp butter
3 tbsp all purpose flour + 2 tbsp extra to coat the chicken

Salt to taste
A pinch of black pepper powder
Some Parmesan cheese    Optional

200 克 去皮的鸡腿肉 (切块用一点点盐和胡椒粉腌10分钟)
1 只 中型 土豆/马铃薯
1 只 中型 洋葱
1 1/2 杯 冷冻 蔬菜   (也可以用切块的西兰花,胡萝卜代替)
2 1/2 杯鸡高汤 
1 杯水
1/2 杯 有机牛奶
2 tbsp 黄油/butter
3 tbsp 面粉 + 2 tbsp 裹鸡肉块

食盐 适量
帕米森 奶酪 少许  Optional

1. Coat the marinated chicken pieces with a thin layer of all purpose flour, heat up a little oil in a frying pan, sear the chicken pieces until a nice crust formed. Take it out and set aside.

2. Skinned potato and cubed, sliced onion.

3. In the same frying pan, add a little butter, saute onion, potato and vegetables. Now place the chicken pieces and vegetables in a cooking pot, pour in the stock and water. Bring to rolling boil and turn the heat to medium and cook for 10 minutes with lid on.

1. 把腌好的鸡肉薄薄地裹上一层面粉,平底锅里加一点点的油,把鸡肉块稍微煎成金黄色,不必煎熟。

2. 把土豆削皮切块,洋葱去皮切丝备用。

3. 在刚刚煎鸡肉块的锅里加入洋葱丝,土豆块和冷冻蔬菜稍微煸炒。把鸡块和煸炒好的蔬菜全数入锅,倒入高汤和水。煮滚后转中火炖15分钟。

4. In a frying pan, melt the butter with 3 tbsp of all purpose flour, stir until the flour turn a little brownish in color, slowly pour in 1/2 cup of milk.

5. Using a whisk to quickly and constantly stirring the mixture at medium heat, once the mixture thickened, add it into the stew pot. Continue cooking the stew for another 10-15 minutes until thickened.

6. Season with salt and Parmesan cheese. Add a little black pepper powder before eating.

4. 在一口平底锅里中火把黄油融化,加入3 tbsp的面粉快速翻炒,炒至面粉变有点焦黄,带着浓浓的奶油香的时候,缓缓地倒入1/2杯牛奶。

5. 用一个打蛋器把面糊搅拌匀。然后把面糊倒入煮着蔬菜和鸡块的锅里。继续炖煮10-15分钟,或至浓稠。

6. 加盐和奶酪调味。吃的时候可以撒上一点黑胡椒粉。 

I like to serve mine with french toast or garlic bread, it goes pretty well with pasta too!

这道浓汤我们家喜欢配法棍或蒜蓉面包吃, 偶尔我也给弄个蒜蓉或松茸味道的意大利面,两个配搭都不错。

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