Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Sambal Eggplant and Shrimp 【叁巴虾仁茄子】

Sambal Shrimp is one of my all time favourites, I liked it so much that I can basically have it all the time! I also love the combination of Sambal shrimp on top of brinjal, two of my favorite foods in one dish, it is such a rice magnet.

The eggplant is from my garden though, makes this dish all the more yummy!


1 Chinese Brinjal/eggplant, Cut into 2 inches in length and slit into 4 sidewide
4-5 Medium size shrimp
1 medium size onion, cut into rings
2-3 tbsp of Sambal Tumis
Sugar and Salt to taste

1 根 中国茄子 切段
5-6 只 中虾
1 只 洋葱 切圈

1. Cut the brinjal and soak in water with 1/2 tsp of salt, this could help to keep the hue of color. Heat up 1/3 cup of oil and fry the brinjal until it is tender, this take about 5 minutes, do not need to deep fried it, it is more like blanching it in oil. Take it out drained and place on a plate.

2. Scoop access oil out from wok, leave around 1 tbsp of oil in the wok to cook 2-3 tbsp of Sambal Tumis, pour in 1/3 cup of water, bring to boil and cook until oil separated from the paste.

3. Add onion rings and shrimp, season with salt and sugar if needed, scoop the sambal and shrimp over brinjal.

Serve with steamy white rice!

1. 茄子切段泡盐水几分钟,沥干。锅里热上1/3 杯油,把茄子下锅炸几分钟至熟。取出滴干油,在盘子里摆好。

2. 把锅里的油盛起,留下一大勺把 2-3 勺多用途叁巴酱炒散,加1/3杯水煮滚,边上开始泛油的时候下糖和盐调味,把洋葱圈和虾仁入锅翻炒至虾仁变色,熟了之后即可起锅,盛到摆好盘的茄子上即可。

中文版-- 叁巴虾仁茄子


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  2. I tried it today, I like the combination with shrimp. Recipe is easy to follow, that helps at lot. --Janet Lim