Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Sweet Pumpkin White Fungus Soup 南瓜銀耳羹

Here it comes another pumpkin dish made with the pumpkin planted by Auntie Lisa.

It is again very dry and cold these days. I will made this white fungus soup, it helps me fight cold and dryness.

Note: White fungus or snow fungus is a slight yellowish dried fungus, after soaking and cooking it will become white and almost translucent in color.

White fungus is believed to be a good immune stimulant, it fights infection, inflammation, cold and cough, studies have also found that it has anti-tumor property, could lower levels of low-density lipoprotein (LDL, or the "bad"cholesterol). It is also believed to slow the aging process, though I am not sure if there is any scientific research supporting this!


1 bunch of white/snow fungus
1 rice bowl of cubed pumpkin
1 tbsp of dried goji berries (Wolf berry)
Rock sugar to taste

1 朵 银耳 
1 碗 南瓜丁
1 把 枸杞

1. Soaked the white fungus for about an hour, cut the root parts and break into smaller pieces. Skinned and cubed pumpkin.

2. Place the snow fungus in a steamer/crockpot/slow cooker, add 3 rice bowls of water, cook at high for 3 hours.

3. Add pumpkin cubes and cook for another 1 hour, add rock sugar and goji berry, cover with lid and wait for 5 minutes before serving.

1. 把银耳泡发后减去根部,掰开成小瓣儿。南瓜去皮切丁。

2. 把銀耳和三碗水倒入炖锅里炖3个小时,加入南瓜继续炖1个小时。加入冰糖和一把枸杞加盖焖一焖,就可以吃了。


  1. I have never heard of white fungus.. but it's wonderful if it can help with colds. I feel like I'm constantly getting them since my kids started school. This soup looks great. Hope you feel better. ~ Ramona

  2. Romana, it is a type of dried mushroom commonly used by the Chinese in sweet dish... I fall sick very easily too during cold weather.. irritating.. I know... Hope you feel better too!