Thursday, December 1, 2016

Watercress soup 【老火西洋菜汤】

I learnt to enjoy Cantonese soups from my cantonese flatmate when I was in England. I also think a good pot of soup can only be made using claypot.

I have been wanting a good claypot for a long time now and did not see anything of my liking, until one afternoon when I visited Chinatown in PA, I saw this simple claypot sitting right on top of a shelve. and I knew that it is mine.




3-4 pieces of soup bones
400 g Watercress
5-6 pieces of dried red dates
5-6 pieces of dried scallops
Salt to taste

3-4 块 汤骨
400 克 西洋菜
5-6 只 红枣
5-6 颗 干贝
适量 盐

New claypot required some kind of seasoning before using, I soaked the pot overnight with some rice water (water from washing rice before cooking) and rinse it thoroughly using soup water and warm water.

I then filled the pot up with clean water and with the lowest heat of my stove range, heating the water until it is slowly boiling. This process may take sometimes, but it is worth the tim as it will prevent the claypot from cracking while cooking later.


1. I made watercress soup the next day with the new pot. Wash and clean a few pieces of pork bones, blanch for about 1-2 minutes in boiling water and rince thoroughly with cold water to wash away impurities.

2. Place the bones in the pot with 2/3 pot full of water with dried scallops,dried oyster (both washed and cleaned before hand) and bring the water to boil, cook for 30 minutes at medium heat. 

3. Add the watercress and dates, cook at medium for 2 hours, season with salt.

1. 新锅处理好后我炖了一锅西洋菜汤。几块汤骨洗净汆烫后再用凉水洗净。

2. 锅里注入2/3锅的水,摆入汤骨,干贝,蚝干后煮滚转中火煮30分钟。

3. 加入红枣和西洋菜,继续中火炖煮2个小时,加盐调味。


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