Monday, July 6, 2020

【薄荷冰粉】Mint Syrup Ice Jelly



Ice jelly looks a lot like Aiyu Jelly, can also be served the same way. Though the texture and the way of preparation of these two jellies are very similar, and are both natural. They are both made from seeds of two very different plants.

Aiyu jelly is made from the gel from the seeds of the awkeotsang creeping fig found in Taiwan and East Asian countries of the same climates and latitudes, the plant belonged to the family of fig, where ice jelly is made from the seeds of Nicandra physalodes (Linn.) Gaertn, from the same family of Tomatillo.

I bought a few packets of ice jelly powder online few weeks back, since the weather is at the mid 90s F/30s C these days, I made this Ice Jelly for us as dessert, the whole family loved it very much!

1/2 包/ 20 克 冰粉粉
1250-1500 克 饮用水
1 小杯 薄荷糖浆
一小把 烤香去皮的花生
一小把 葡萄蔓越莓干
一点 烤香的芝麻

1/2 packet/ 20 g Ice Jelly Powder
1250-1500 g  Hot water
1 cup of  Mint Syrup
A bunch of roasted peanuts
A bunch of dried cranberry and dried raisin
A little roasted sesame

1. 把半包的冰粉粉倒入一个带盖的容器里,注入1250克的烧水(大约90摄氏/195华氏度),搅拌匀加盖冷却后就会凝结成果冻状。喜欢口感硬一点的加1250克水,喜欢嫩一点的加1500克。

2. 把凝结好的冰粉放到冰箱里冷藏。

3. 趁这个时候可以制作薄荷糖浆,我们家每次薄荷丰收的时候都会剪一大把制作薄荷糖浆冷藏,所以想吃冰粉的时候就很方便。

4. 取一小碗的冰粉,淋上两勺的薄荷糖浆,表面撒点烤香的花生、芝麻和葡萄干和蔓越莓干。

1. Place 1/2 packet of ice jelly powder in a pot, add 1250 ml of hot water (around 90 C/195 F) and stir well, cover with lid and wait until the jelly set.

2. Once the jelly is solidified, place the jelly in refrigerator to chill for about 1-2 hours.

3. I have made a bottle of mint syrup with the mint I harvested from my backyard. It is a very useful ingredient for mint tea and sweet desserts.

4. Take a small bowl of ice jelly, add 2 tsp of mint syrup, sprinkled some roasted peanuts, roasted sesame and dried cranberry and raisin.


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