Monday, March 21, 2022

【芝麻海苔脆饼】Sesame Seaweed Crisps

这款脆饼其实是春节期间做的,当时做了炮竹虾还剩下大半包的春卷皮,刚好家里有寿司紫菜(Yaki Sushi Nori),就做了这款家乡常见的年饼。真是满满年味的小零食呀!

I made Firecracker shrimps for Chinese New Year and was left with more than half a packet of spring roll wrappers, since I also have some Yaki Sushi Nori (Roasted Seaweed) that I bought to make sushi at home. I decided to make this common CNY snacks that I used to have since young. 

It is such a tasty snack that I can't stop eating!


5-6 片 寿司紫菜 (大约 18x20 cm/7x8 寸)

5-6 长 春卷皮 (21.5 x 21.5 cm/8.5 x 8.5 寸)

1 只 鸡蛋 (打散)

1 撮 胡椒粉

一点 食盐

2-3 大勺 芝麻


5-6 sheets of  Yaki Sushi Nori (Roasted Seaweed)( 18x20 cm/7x8 inches)

5-6 sheets of Spring roll wrappers (21.5 x 21.5 cm/8.5 x 8.5 寸)

1 egg (beaten)

1 pinch of pepper powder

1 pinch of salt

2-3 tbsp of Sesame Seeds

1. 鸡蛋加入胡椒粉和盐一起打散。

2. 取一张春卷皮刷上一层薄薄的蛋液,可以撒一些芝麻,也可以不撒。

3. 取一张紫菜贴到春卷皮上(我的紫菜比较大张,请忽略)。

4. 再刷一层蛋液,均匀撒上芝麻。用剪刀剪成长方形,大约 2x1 寸。

5. 热上两寸食油,把脆饼分批炸成金黄色后取出沥干冷却即可密封收藏。

1. Beat the egg with pepper and salt.

2. Place a spring roll wrapper on a clean surface and brush it with a thin layer of egg wash, you can sprinkle some sesame seeds if you liked.

3. Take a sheet of seaweed and place it on the spring roll wrapper, lightly pressed them together. (my seaweed is bigger than the wrapper, please just ignore the picture).

4. Brush another layer of egg wash and sprinkle sesame seeds evenly over it. Use a scissors to cut the sheets into rectangular in shape, about 2x1 inches each. Set aside.

5. Heat 2 inches of cooking oil in a frying pan, deep fry the crisps in batches until golden brown,  remove and drain to cool before storing.