Wednesday, December 28, 2022

【杂粮芋头糕】Multi grain Yam Cake/Orh Kuih



This was my all time favorite for breakfast and teatime. I never fail to get one from the Pasar Malam or morning market whenever I sees one. But the sad thing is, even in Malaysia, a good Yam cake is still hard to come by.

This version I made today is a healthier version using multigrain, it is healthier and tasted as good!

500 克 芋头 (切丁或擦丝)
50 克 虾米 (泡软切碎)
80 克 红葱切片炸成葱酥 (或买来的葱酥,大约 3 大勺)
1 杯/150 克 陈米/籼米 (可用basmati 米)
1 杯/150 克 杂粮米 (我用韩国产的杂粮米)
3 杯/ 700 克 水
3 大勺 木薯粉/粟米粉
1/5 小勺 五香粉
1/4 小勺 胡椒粉
1 小勺 盐 或适量

500 g (shred or cubed)Chinese Yam,
2 tsps Dried shrimp (soaked in hot water, washed, and chopped)
80 gm of shallot for fried shallot or (ready made fried shallot 2 tbsps)
1 cup/ 150 g Basmati Rice
1 cup/ 150 g multigrain Rice (I used the one from Korea)
3 cup/ 700 g water
2 tbsp Tapioca flour/Corn starch
1/5 tsp Chinese five spices
1/5 tsp White pepper powder
Salt to taste (Around 1 tsp)

1. 先把红葱切薄片,锅里倒入半杯油,加热之后把红葱炸酥,滴干油备用。(沥出来的葱油留下来炒菜或炒面条/米粉,非常香噢!)。

2. 籼米和杂粮米分别洗净泡水两个小时沥干后加入3 杯的水和盐,五香粉和胡椒粉入破壁机搅拌成糊状。

1. Peel and slice shallot into thin slices, heat up about 1/2 cup of oil in a cooking pan, fry at medium heat until brown and crisp. Dish out the fried shallot and set aside.

2. Soaked the basmati rice and mixed grain rice for 2 hours and drained, add both the rice with 3 cups of water to the blender, add tapioca flour with salt, pepper powder and five spice powder, blend the mixture until smooth.

3. 芋头切丁,虾米泡开剁碎,在刚刚炸红葱片的锅里(留下2大勺左右的油),把虾米爆香.

4.把芋头丁倒入锅里和虾米一起炒,大约5分钟至芋头变得有点透明。 然后把米糊倒入,中小火一边煮一遍搅拌,至米糊成团,铲子炒不太动的时候就好了。

5. 把炒好的粉和材料装到抹了油的盆子里,然后在表面抹一点油,用保鲜纸盖着然后慢慢压平。放到蒸锅里,大火蒸50分钟-1个小时。

6. 蒸好的芋头糕不要马上拿出来,稍微冷却后切块,和叁巴酱一起吃。第二天煎香了吃也很好吃的哦!

3. Remove skin and cubed yam into 1 cm x 1 cm cubes. In the same cooking wok that fried shallot just now, add the chopped dried shrimp, and fry for about 2-3 minutes.

4. Add the yam cubes and keep cooking for 5-8 minutes or until the yam cubes become a little translucent at the edges.

5. Pour the rice flour mixture into wok, slowly stirring with spatula at medium heat till the mixture turned into a soft dough.

6. Oiled an 8 inches baking pan, and place the dough in the pan, with the help of a cling film, and a little bit of vegetable oil, slowly pressed the dough into the pan. Make sure the surface of the cake are flattened out evenly.

7. Steam the yam cake for 50-60 minutes, do not take it out once its done, let cooled before cutting, serve with some sambal belachan or Hoisin Sauce. Or shallow fry with little oil before serving.

Yummy Yam cake

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