Friday, October 13, 2023

Maggie Goreng 【炒快熟面】

I used to like Mee Goreng Mamak more than this Maggie Goreng, as I stay longer overseas, where fresh oil noodle is hard to come by, Maggie goreng becomes a quick and favorable choice.

I could stir up this hearty meal under 20 minutes provided all the ingredients needed are in place (Which I always do). Seriously, what is not to love about this tweaked instant noodle?


只需所有原料都准备好,就可以在 20 分钟内炒出这个美味的炒面,真的太方便了。

1 packet Instant Noodle
1/2 piece of firm tofu
1 tbsp Sambal Tumis
2-3 medium shrimp(shelled and veined)
7-8 slices of chicken
4-5 slices of fish cake/ sliced fish ball
1 tsp minced garlic
1 tsp fried shallot
1 bunch of Chinese mustard (Sawi)
1/4 Carrot
1 egg(Optional)

1 tbsp Light soy sauce
1/2 tsp Dark soy sauce
1 tsp Oyster sauce(Optional)
1/2 Packet of the Seasoning from the instant noodle 

1 包 方便面
1/2 块 老豆腐 
2-3 只 中虾(去壳,去虾线)
7-8 片 鸡肉 
4-5 片 鱼饼/鱼丸片
1 小勺 蒜末
1 小勺 炸葱
几根 油菜心
1/4 根 胡萝卜
1 只 鸡蛋

1 小勺 生抽
1/2 小勺 老抽
1 小勺 蚝油
1/2 包 方便面调料 

1. I have some leftover Costco rotisserie chicken in the refrigerator, so I break some chicken breast into shreds and set aside. Slice fish cakes and tofu, julienne the carrot and set aside.

2. Minced 2 cloves of garlic and set aside. Wash and cut the Chinese mustard into 2 inches long.

3. Boil half a pot of water and cook the instant noodles until they are about 70% cooked, drain and set aside.

1. 冰箱里还有吃剩的costco 烤鸡,把鸡胸部分掰成鸡丝备用。鱼饼和豆腐切片,萝卜切丝备用。

2. 切一点蒜末备用,把油菜洗净切段。

3. 煮滚半锅水把快熟面煮至7-8分熟,沥干备用。

4. Heat 2 tbsp of oil in a wok, stir fry minced garlic. Add the fish cake and tofu, cook for 1 minute.

5. Add the Sambal tumis,stir for a minute, add the egg and stir quickly to scrambled the egg. 

6. Add the shredded chicken and carrot, stir well and add the cooked instnat noodle, add all the seasoning, and give it quick stir at high heat for about 2-3 minutes.

7. Add the mustard green and continue cooking for 1-2 mintues or until the mustard green is cooked. Served with a sunny side up egg and some fried shallots if you have.

4. 锅中烧热2大勺油,爆香蒜末,加入鱼饼和豆腐。

5. 加入多用途辣椒酱,炒匀后加入鸡蛋,快速炒散鸡蛋。


7. 加入油菜段炒至油菜断生即可,吃的时候配上荷包蛋和一些葱酥。


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