Monday, May 2, 2011

【水煮豆花鱼片】Sichuan (Tzechuan) Style Spicy Fish Fillet and Tofu



My family and I had this dish the first time in Sichuan province in China many years back and was absolutely stunned at the amount of oil used and its pungent spicy taste!

Over time, I learnt more about Sichuan cuisine and the beauty of its fragrant "Red oil", where taste and fragrance of spices are infused slowly into the oil by slow cooking it.

This fish and tofu Sichuan dish is one of my all time favorites, it is quiet easy to prepare at home with all the ingredients at hand.

2 片白鱼 (用了T罗非鱼)
1/2 盒 嫩豆腐
葱花 适量
3 瓣 蒜
少许 姜蓉
15-20 只 辣椒干
20 粒 花椒
1 杯 鸡汤(或水)
1/2 杯 油
1.5 大勺 炒熟的芝麻 (或炸酥的黄豆/花生)

1 大勺 料酒
1 小勺 芡粉
1/2 只 蛋清

2 大勺 辣豆瓣酱 (郫县的最佳)
1 小勺 酱油
1 小勺 辣椒粉

2 Pieces of White fish fillet( I used Tilapia)
1/2 box of silken tofu
Some chopped spring onion for garnishing.
3 Cloves of garlic (minced)
1 tsp of grated ginger root
15-20 of Dried red Chilli
20 Sichuan pepper  corns (花椒)
1 cup of Chicken stock/any stock
1/2 cup of oil
1.5 tbsp of Roasted Sesame (or roasted peanuts)

For Marination:
1 tbsp of Cooking wine (Or Mirin)
1 tsp Corn Starch
1/2 egg white
Salt to taste

2 tbsp of Spicy Sichuan soy bean paste (辣豆瓣酱)
1 tsp Soy sauce
1 tsp Chili powder  Optional


1. Slice fish into 1 inch width and 2-3 inches in length, mix with all ingredients listed under marinates, and leave it aside for at least 30 minutes.

2. 把豆腐切片,辣豆瓣酱剁成蓉,姜蒜也切成蓉,葱切成葱花。

3. 豆腐摆到一口深碗里加盖入微波炉叮2分钟去豆腥味,把多余的水份倒了。

2. Cut tofu into 2 x 3 inches pieces, grate some ginger root, chopped garlic and chopped spring onion.

3. Place the tofu pieces in a microwavable bowl and microwave the tofu for 2 minutes, drained the tofu and set aside.

4. 在一口锅里加入1/4杯的油,把辣椒干和花椒入锅,用中小火煸香后捞起备用。

5. 锅里剩下的油加入一半的蒜蓉和所有的姜蓉,煸炒至香味出来之后加入两大匙剁碎的豆瓣酱,炒至泛出红油。

6. 加入一杯鸡汤和1/4杯的水,煮滚之后慢慢地加入腌好的鱼片,划开等鱼肉熟即可。趁热把煮好的鱼倒到煮好的豆腐片上。

7. 上桌之前加入刚刚煸好的辣椒和花椒,剩下的蒜蓉也撒上了,最后撒上芝麻(花生)。

8. 锅里热上1/4杯油,加入1茶匙的辣椒粉(不爱吃太辣的可以不加,加辣椒粉颜色比较好看),趁热泼到水煮鱼上,这时候会有滋滋的声音,很好听。撒上葱花和花生就好了!

4. Heat 1/4 cup of cooking oil at medium heat and fry the dried chili and Sichuan peppercorns, when the fragrance releases, dish out the chilies and peppercorns, set aside, leave the oil in the pan.

5. With the remaining oil in the pan , add ginger and garlic and cook for a minute, add 2 tbsp of fermented spicy Sichuan soy bean paste, cook until the oil separated at the edge.

6. Add the chicken stock and 1/4 cup of water into the pan and bring to boil.

7. Slowly add the marinated fish into the boiling soup piece by piece, when the fish is cooked, pour the fish with sauce over onto the tofu .

8. Add the fried chili and Sichuan peppercorns and sesame/peanuts to the soup.

9. Heat the remaining 1/4 cup of oil in a saucepan, add 1 tsp of Chili powder (less if you prefer lesser heat) and quickly pour the hot oil over the dish, you will observe some sizzling sound!

Sprinkle some chopped spring onion for garnishing.



  1. I can not WAIT to try this recipe! This looks almost exactly like a dish that I get at my favorite Szechuan restaurant in NYC. Sadly, I get to go only when I'm there on business, so hopefully this can fill in between visits. Thank you for posting this!

  2. I DID try this recipe and I can say it is awesome! I like the "spicy fish & tofu" at authentic Sichuan places, but sometimes I don't feel like going out there and paying $20 for it. This recipe has all of the powerful, addictive flavor & heat, for a fraction of the cost. Definitely an A-double-plus. Thanks for posting!

  3. Sony,I highly recommend this recipe.. it is definitely worth trying once... it is very tasty!

    Snoru... I am glad you liked it...welcome to my blog and welcome to share more of your experience in Sichuan Cooking!

  4. Thank you soooo much! There's a Sichuan restaurant 20 minutes away from me that makes the most AMAZING dishes and this is one of them. I have just used this recipe and it's close. I will have to figure out how to tweak it. I think it may have something to do with the kind of oil or peppers I am using and also the brand of soy bean paste. I am so grateful you shared this recipe. Thank you, Echo!

  5. yes, you probably want to buy the paste from Sichuan, preferably Made in Pixian... Do come and let me know how it turns out next time!

  6. This sounds lovely, will be giving this a try, thanks for sharing.