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【扁豆焖面】French Bean Braised Noodles

A friend of mine lease a small piece of land from her husband's company as part of the company's social responsibility program. The land is only meant for activities that could enhance the environment. They then decided to plant some vegetables.

Last two months were interesting for most gardeners in NJ, my friend and I shared information and progress of our gardens and now we share our crops!

She and her husband are both from the northern part of China, thus the French bean they planted is also a northern Chinese species called flat French bean (扁豆).

It is known to be the best bean to make this typical North western Chinese dish -- Steamed noodle. Where the beans are first stir fried, and then boil to bring up steams with noodles lightly spread over the dish to cook, the steam from the gravy will steam cooked the noodle and later to season the noodle. This cooking method allows the noodles to stay in form and retain it's springy texture, a very easy and tasty one pot meal







300-400 gm French Bean (Use the shop bought version if you can't find this Chinese Version)
3 Bunch of dried noodle (approximately 300 gm) Note: You can use fresh, uncooked noodle too.
4 Thick cut Bacon (Or thin sliced pork belly marinated with a little cooking wine and salt)
2 tbsp Minced Garlic
1 tbsp Minced Ginger
2-3 tbsp Chopped spring onion
2 green chilies(Optional)
2 tbsp Soy sauce
1 Star Anise
Salt to taste (Around 1/4 tsp)
A pinch of Pepper powder

3 把干面条 (我用了杂粮面,有手擀面更好,如果用手擀面,请用和扁豆一样的重量。)
4 片 厚 Bacon (熏肉/培根)(代替五花肉切片加料酒和老抽腌腌的做法)
2 tbsp 蒜蓉
1 tbsp 姜蓉
2-3 tbsp 葱花
两根 青辣椒 (Optional)
2 tbsp 酱油
1 只八角

1. Clean and remove the rough string at the side of beans, break it into about 2 inches long, shorter if you prefer softer beans.

2. Mince ginger and garlic,slice chili length wise or cut it into slices, chop spring onion. Slice bacon into about 1 inch thick.


3.Heat up a wok or a deep bottom cook ware, DO NOT add oil, cook bacon until fat/grease release, and push aside cooked bacon, remove some oil if you want it leaner.

4. Now add star anise, minced ginger, and half of minced garlic, half of chopped spring onion, stir fry until fragrance.

5. Add French bean, and stir until the colour changed, about 2 minutes. Add 2 1/2 cups of water, the beans should all submerged into water, bring to boil, add soy sauce, salt to taste. Scoop out a big bowl of stock, approximately 1 cup worth, and leave aside.

Note: If fresh noodle is used, add only 2 cups of water for cooking.

6. Add the remaining chopped spring onion and minced garlic into stock, stir well.

7. Turn heat to medium now, and loosely spread noodle over the beans, cover with lid, and cook for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, use a fork or chopstick to lightly loosen up the noodle, spread half of the stock over the top of noodle, as evenly as possible. Cover with lid and cook for another 5 minutes again. Repeat the same process for the remaining stock, and cook for another 5 minutes or until all liquid almost dried out.

8. At the end, add some pepper powder, and turn beans and noodle with help of chopstick and spatula, till well mix, turn off the heat and cover with lid, let the noodle sit for another 5 minutes before serving.

9.You could blend together 4-5 cloves of garlic, add some Chinese dark vinegar and soy sauce as a dipping sauce to this noodle.

2. 先热锅,不下油,把培根煸炒出油,然后把培根推开一边,掏出一点油不用。然后把八角,姜蓉和一半的蒜蓉,一半的葱花倒入煸炒香。加入扁豆和辣椒,炒至变色。

3. 倒入两杯半的水没过扁豆,煮滚,加入酱油和盐调味。用汤勺掏出一大碗的汤汁,备用。


4. 把剩下的蒜蓉和葱花倒入刚刚盛起的汤汁里拌匀。中火保持锅里的汤汁中滚,把干面条分散,铺在扁豆上,加盖煮大约5分钟,打开,把已经有点软的面条用筷子弄散,把刚刚盛起的汤汁一半浇在面条上,再加盖焖煮5分钟。再重复一样的动作,把剩余的汤汁浇上,再加盖焖煮至汤汁减少。

5. 最后打开盖,撒点胡椒粉增加香气,把面条和扁豆拌匀,熄火,加盖虚焖5分钟。


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