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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lemon Mint Drink

It was crazy hot in New Jersey the last two weeks that all I wanted was a glass of cold drink, and chill!!

The only good news is that the mint in my garden is growing so well, and it is great for making this chilly refreshing drink!

1 cup Mint leaves
1 Lemon (Squeeze out juices)
Drinking water
Ice cubes
Honey (Optional)

Remove mint leaves from stem, crush it slightly, roll a lemon hard on kitchen surface, this will help to get more juices out from it. Squeeze out lemon juice.

Add drinking water and ice cube with lemon juice and mint leaves, add some honey if you prefer sweeter version.

中文版,For Chinese, Click --> 薄荷柠檬水


  1. oh delicious!
    I just started growing mint and they are slowly flourishing

  2. Radhika,Oh yes... best for summer!!

    Wendy, do you grow it on the ground??


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