Monday, July 18, 2011

Cucumber Mint Lassi 黄瓜薄荷酸奶昔

It's mid summer and it's also harvest time for cucumber. It is fascinating how nature has it, the coolest produce's harvest time is also the hottest of the seasons!

When the temperature outside reaches 90-ish these days, I decided to go out to my garden, pluck a cucumber and a handful of mint leaves. Chill them a little in the fridge. And blend them into this cooling and ever so refreshing Cucumber Mint Lassi, and I thank nature for what it provides!



Ingredients:(For 2)
1 cucumber (around 6 inches long)
1/4 inch ginger root ( skinned and mince)
1/3 cup mint leaves
1 cup low fat yogurt
1 tbsp lime/lemon juice (Optional)
1 tsp Honey (To make salted version, use salt instead)
1/2 cup drinking water, chilled

1 根 黄瓜 (中国黄瓜,美国黄瓜都行)
1/4 寸老姜 (去皮切小块)
1/3 杯 薄荷叶
1 杯 低脂酸奶
1 tbsp 青柠汁/柠檬汁 (Optional)
1 tsp 蜂蜜 (如果做咸味的,用盐代替蜂蜜)
1/2杯 饮用水

1. Cucumber from my garden

2. Clean and cubed/mince all ingredients as required, remove mint leaves from stem, blend all ingredients listed in a blender until it is smooth.

1. 把材料清理干净,黄瓜切块,薄荷叶摘下和其他所有材料搅拌机里搅拌均匀,就可以了。

Note:if ice cube is added, reduce water accordingly.

Its yummy, it's cooling, it's beautiful!


  1. What an awesome color. You are right. Yummy, cooling and beautiful.

  2. this look so refreshing! i want a glass now, weather here is so hot.

  3. Radhika。。。yes Love the colour.....and its really refreshing!

    Sonia... I know... mum told me its crazy hot there

  4. I wish I have cucumbers right now so that I can blend myself one glass of this.
    But then, there's ginger in it, won't it be heaty then?

  5. Wendy, The ginger is very less, its more like helping in opening up appetite... you could omit that as you prefer....