Monday, November 14, 2011

Onion Grill Cheese Sandwich

I backpacked to tour Europe during my last year in England. As a student, I had limited budget, thus was very calculative when it comes to food. I used to go to the local supermarket and bring back some cheese and bread, and that became my staple as long as it last.

Over time it became dry, cold and tasteless, and I almost couldn't stomach it anymore, one morning at the shared kitchen in a Youth Hostel I put up for the night, I saw a beautiful Irish girl making this grill cheese sandwich, the aroma in the kitchen was so warm and welcoming.

I immediately asked her to teach me and with little butter she generously lend me, I made this tasty warm sandwich with a cuppa hot chocolate... that was the first hearty breakfast I had during my trip and I felt like the happiest person on earth!

2 Slices of toast bread
2 slices of Swiss Cheese or Cheddar cheese or Single Cheese, I sometimes blend the together
1 tbsp  Chopped onion (I sometimes use tomato slices, sweet corn or shredded capsicum)
1 tsp Butter

All Ingredients Needed

Spread butter over toast, turn it over and place cheese, chopped onion on the other side of bread. Cover it with another slice of bread, butter side facing out.

In a cooking pan,  grill until slightly brown at the edge, flip the sandwich over and grill until the cheese melt and bread become golden brown in colour. Lightly press the sandwich using spatula.

Good choice for breakfast, snack and vegetarian meal!

中文版,For Chinese,Click --》香烤奶酪三文治


  1. Estupendo blog.
    Con tu permiso te seguiré y aprenderé de tu imaginativa cocina.
    Saludos desde Canarias.

  2. Hi,wowww... my very first Spanish comment! I love Canary Island and would love to visit one day....

    Welcome to my blog...

    p/s: I have to use google translate to read your comment!!

  3. do you need oil to grill the sandwich?

  4. Hi Liz, it grill/roasted with the butter we spread over the bread, that is the reason why the butter spread side is facing out.

  5. I like this recipe. It will definitely become my breakfast staple. Thanks.


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