Friday, November 25, 2011

Savoury Steamed Pumpkin Cake

My friend harvest a few pumpkin recently and called me to pick up some. I went with expectation to bring back a cute little Japanese pumpkin.

My jaw drops to the floor when I saw the said pumpkin that I was suppose to bring home! It must have been like 50 lbs or something... almost triple a basketball size! All I could think of at that point of time was... What the Hxxx!

I only agreed to bring back about 1/5 of tha monster with me and my friend had to use something like an axe to chop it into pieces for me...

Even with only 1/5 of the whole thing, I manage to sent 2 large pieces to two of my neighbours, made pumpkin pancake for 3 adults as breakfast, made this steamed came for thanks giving party, and STILL have more than half of them sitting in my fridge...

Yupe. if you are thinking what I am thinking now...... it's going to be a lot of Pumpkin dishes in near future...

600 gm Japanese Pumpkin (shredded)
25 gm dried Shrimp
25 gm dried Anchovies (or use 50 gm of dried shrimp alone)
5-6 dried mushroom  (Soaked, and chopped)
100 gm dried radish (Chai Poh)
4-5 tbsp  Fried Shallot (divide into 2 parts)
2 tbsp Chopped spring onion
1 tbsp Red Chilies (Seeded and chopped)

For Batter:
300 gm rice flour
1 tbsp tapioca flour or corn starch
1 tsp Sugar
1 1/2 tsp Salt
750 ml Water

For Seasoning:
1/2 tsp Pepper powder
1/2 tsp Chinese Give Spices Powder
1/4 tsp Salt

Peel and shred the pumpkin, chopped dried shrimp and dried anchovies. Wash and soak the dried radish for 5 minutes, drained.

In a large bowl, whisk together all ingredients listed under batter, and set aside.

Heat 2 tbsp of oil in a cooking pan, reserve 1/3 of  dried shrimp and anchovies for garnishing. Stir fry mushroom, 2/3 of the shrimp and anchovies, 1/2 of the fried shallot until fragrance. Season with pepper powder, five spice powder and salt.

Add shredded pumpkin, stir well, and pour in the batter (Whisk before pouring to make sure the rice flour doesn't settle at the bottom.)

Keep stirring at low heat until batter thickened. Transfer batter to an 8 inches greased pan, use a spatula with little oil to lightly press and even out the surface.

Steam the cake in a steamer at high heat for 45-50 minutes.

Meanwhile, prepare the topping, in a cooking pan, add a little oil and stir fry the remaining dried shrimp and anchovies with dried radish until fragrant and crunchy. 

Spread the anchovies dread shrimp and radish mixture, chopped chili, spring onion and remaining fried shallot over steamed cake.

Serve with some Sambal Belachan or Hoisin sauce.

中文版,For Chinese,Click ——》金瓜糕


  1. delicious looking snack wonderful flavour

  2. looks so yummy! Do you think there is a way I can make this using canned pumpkin...!? Another thing, is rice flour used here regular one or glutinous rice flour (sweet rice flour)? Thanks!

  3. Hi Echo's kitchen, I have not try the pumpkin version but yours definitely look good especially the generous topping. yum yum

  4. Anonymous,canned pumpkin is cooked and mushy thus it is not recommended for this cake... It was regular rice flour, not the sticky/glutinous rice flour.

  5. Amelia.. yeah.. I love it generous on my topping! LOL

  6. Yum!
    kinda like radish cake :)

    1. hi coco... yeah, indeed... a little like radish cake.. just different ingredient...

  7. Hi are you from Perak ? As I found the Yam kuih sold in Penang has only chilli and spring onion and fried onion on top but yours looked like my hometown, Ipoh Yam kuih !! I used Chai Poh too that's why I asked you are you a Ipoh girl !! I'm very lazy, I fry all then take out some for the topping as I did not add in mushroom.

    1. Hi Mrs Lee.... I am not from the northern part of Malaysia... I am from Melaka!!


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