Friday, November 25, 2011

Savory Steamed Pumpkin Cake 【金瓜糕 (南瓜糕)】





A friend of mine harvested a few pumpkins recently and called me to pick up some from her house. I went with expectation to bring back just a cute little Japanese kabucha pumpkin.

My jaw drops to the floor when I saw the said pumpkin that she saved for me! It must have been at least 50 lbs! 

I decided to bring back only about 1/5 of the pumpkin with me as I don't have enough space in the fridge to keep it, my friend had to use an axe to break open the pumpkin for me.

Even with only 1/5 of the whole thing, I managed to send 2 large portions to my neighbors, made pumpkin pancakes for 3 adults for breakfast and made this steamed came for thanksgiving party.


500 gm Japanese Pumpkin (shredded)
25 gm dried Shrimp
2-3 dried mushroom  (Soaked, and chopped)
80 gm dried radish (Chai Poh)
4-5 tbsp  Fried Shallot (divide into 2 parts)
2 tbsp Chopped spring onion
1 tbsp Red Chilies (Seeded and chopped)

For Batter:

300 gm long grain rice 
3 tbsp tapioca flour or corn starch
300 ml Water

For Seasoning:

1/2 tsp Pepper powder
1/2 tsp Chinese Give Spices Powder
1 1/2 tsp Salt

450 克 金瓜/南瓜 (擦丝)
25 克 虾干
2-3 朵 香菇 (泡发切小丁)
80 克 咸菜脯碎 (咸味萝卜干)
4-5 大勺 葱酥 (分成两份,一份点缀用)
2 小勺 葱花
1 小勺 红辣椒 (去籽切碎)

300 克 籼米(长米)
3 大勺 薯粉/粟米粉
300 克 水

1/2 小勺 胡椒粉
1/2 小勺 五香粉
1 1/2 小勺 食盐

1. 先把300克大米洗净泡水过夜让大米充分吸满水份。

2. 第二天早上把大米沥干再次称重量,每种大米的吸水率不一样。我的300克大米泡过水后变成大约435 克,也就是说吸了大约135克的水。做南瓜糕的水份不能太大,因为南瓜自带水份,所以所需的水分大约是380-400克。(400-135 = 265g)

3. 把大米放到破壁机/搅拌机里,加入大约265克的水搅拌顺滑。

4. 把米浆的调味和木薯粉加入搅拌匀。

1. Wash and soak 300 g of long grain rice in water over night.

2. Next morning drain and weigh the rice again to see how much water has been absorb. My long grain came out to be 435g, which mean 135 g of the weight came from water. 

3. Place the rice in a blender/mixer, the cake requires about 400 g of water for the batter, thus 400g-135g = 265 g, 265 ml of water is what is needed for the blending of rice batter. 

4. Blend the batter until smooth, whisk together the rice batter,tapioca flour and seasoning and set aside.

5. 南瓜去皮擦丝,虾干和香菇泡软切碎。菜脯洗干净稍微泡水去咸味,沥干。

6. 锅里热上2 大勺油,虾干碎留起1/3备用。剩下的和香菇碎,一半的葱酥一起炒香,加入所有调味料拌匀。

7. 倒入南瓜丝,翻匀后倒入米浆。 (注:米浆倒入之前最好再次搅拌均匀,以免沉淀。)

8. 转小火不停翻炒,至米浆糊化,铲子快搅不动的时候即可熄火。

9. 把炒好的米浆盛出倒入一个抹上薄油的8寸蒸盘,用一个硅胶铲子抹点油,把表面抹平后入锅大火蒸50-60分钟。

5. Peel and shred the pumpkin, minced the dried shrimp and chopped the mushrooms to small pieces. Wash and soak the dried radish for 5 minutes, drained and keep aside.

6. Heat 2 tbsp of oil in a cooking pan, reserved 1/3 of  dried shrimp for garnishing. Stir fry mushroom, 2/3 of the dried shrimp, 1/2 of the fried shallot until fragrance.

7. Add the shredded pumpkin and cook for 2-3 minutes, pour the batter into cooking pan (Whisk before pouring to make sure the rice flour doesn't settle at the bottom.)

8. keep stirring with a spatula at low heat until the batter thickened, turn the stove off.

9. Transfer the batter to an 8 inches greased pan, use a spatula with little oil to lightly press and even out the surface. 
Steam the cake in a steamer at high heat for 50-60 minutes.

10. 蒸糕的时候,另外一口锅里下一点油,把菜脯和剩下的虾米鱼干碎炒香,冷却备用。

11. 蒸好的糕冷却后铺上菜脯碎,葱花,辣椒碎和葱酥点缀。切块沾海鲜酱或马来叁巴酱吃。

10. Meanwhile, prepare the topping. heat a little oil and stir fry the remaining dried shrimp with dried radish until fragrant and keep aside

11. Spread the dried shrimp and radish mixture, some chopped red chili, spring onion and remaining fried shallot over steamed cake. 
Serve with some Sambal Belachan or Hoisin sauce.

中文版-- 金瓜糕


  1. delicious looking snack wonderful flavour

  2. looks so yummy! Do you think there is a way I can make this using canned pumpkin...!? Another thing, is rice flour used here regular one or glutinous rice flour (sweet rice flour)? Thanks!

  3. Hi Echo's kitchen, I have not try the pumpkin version but yours definitely look good especially the generous topping. yum yum

  4. Anonymous,canned pumpkin is cooked and mushy thus it is not recommended for this cake... It was regular rice flour, not the sticky/glutinous rice flour.

  5. Amelia.. yeah.. I love it generous on my topping! LOL

  6. Replies
    1. hi coco... yeah, indeed... a little like radish cake.. just different ingredient...

  7. Hi are you from Perak ? As I found the Yam kuih sold in Penang has only chilli and spring onion and fried onion on top but yours looked like my hometown, Ipoh Yam kuih !! I used Chai Poh too that's why I asked you are you a Ipoh girl !! I'm very lazy, I fry all then take out some for the topping as I did not add in mushroom.

    1. Hi Mrs Lee.... I am not from the northern part of Malaysia... I am from Melaka!!