Sunday, October 7, 2012

【丹贝土豆花生】Sambal Tempe Kentang Kacang



I often made a few blocks of Tempe/Tempeh (Fermented Soy Bean Cake) and keep it in the freezer, a good substitute for meat, and a good source of protein. A good vegetarian food.

This recipe today is very tasty, works as a starter as well as a side dish.


350 克 丹贝 (切丁)

150 克 花生 (烤香)

2 只 中型 土豆 (切丁)

1 只 洋葱 (切丝)

3 大勺 素食叁巴辣椒酱



1/2 小勺 糖 或适量

1/2 小勺 盐 或适量

350 gm of Tempe/Tempeh  (Cubed)
150 gm of roasted peanut
2 medium size potato (Cubed)
1 Medium Size Onion (Sliced)
3 tbsp Vegetarian Sambal Paste

1/2 tsp Sugar or to taste
1/2 tsp Salt or to taste

1. 先起油锅,把丹贝,土豆分别炸至金黄色。花生用烤箱烤香脆备用。(也可以用微波炉转两分钟,摊凉备用)。

2. 锅里留下一点油,把洋葱丝炒香,然后加入3大勺的叁巴辣椒酱,煸香,把土豆,花生和丹贝倒入,翻匀,加糖和盐调味就好了。

1. Heat up about 1 cup of oil, fry the Tempeh and potato pieces until golden brown in color. Roast peanuts in oven or microwave oven for 2 minutes until crunchy.

2. Leave some oil in the cooking pan, stir fry shredded onion until fragrant. Add 2 tbsp of Sambal paste, add peanuts, potato and Tempeh back to the cooking pan, turn well and season with salt and sugar before serving.

很下饭的一个菜喔!I like it with steamed rice and some curry!


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