Monday, June 11, 2018

Red Date Zongzi/Dumplings 红枣粽

It will be Duanwu/Dragon boat festival in a week's time. One of the ways to celebrate the festival is to make and enjoy some Zongzi/dumplings. 

Zongzi is traditionally made with glutinous rice and different kind of fillings wrapped in leaves of bamboo or Reed leaves, which give very unique aroma to the glutinous rice and its fillings. 

Choices of fillings vary vastly in China in regions. Northern regions in China prefer sweet or dessert-styled zongzi. Southern regions in China prefer savory zongzi, with a variety of fillings including marinated pork belly, salted duck eggs and chestnuts. 

As I am a southern Chinese decent, I have only had the savory type of zongzi back home, it was not until I came to the USA that I learnt there are many other types of Sweet zongzi, including this Red date zongzi. 



Ingredients: (Makes 30 zongzi)
30 pieces of Dried Zongzi/Bamboo leaves (Clean and soak in hot water)
1000 g of Glutinous rice (Short grain)  (Clean and soak overnight)
60 Dried red dates (Clean and soak overnight)
1/2 cup of raisins     Optional
1 roll of Cotton cooking twine

30 片 粽叶 (洗净泡热水一晚上)
1000 克 圆糯米 (洗净泡水一晚上)
60 只 红枣 (洗净泡水一晚上)
1/2 杯的 葡萄干  可无
1 卷 棉绳

1. Soak the bamboo leaves and rice overnight, the next morning, clean and soak dates for 1-2 hours, pit to remove seeds if you like.

2. To assemble , take one bamboo leaf  and twist it twice to form a small cone.

3.  Place a teaspoonful of glutinous rice at the bottom of the cone, add a date and 2-3 raisins in the cone, add some glutinous rice then another red date and 2-3 raisins. Top with more rice to cover the date.

4. Bring together the two sides of the leaf towards the center over the rice, then fold the top of the leaf down to cover the rice completely. Wrap the rest of the leaf around the shape. Tie with a cooking twine string.  ( It is really hard to take pictures when I was working alone, you can try searching on youtube to learn how to wrap dumplings in different shapes if you are interested to learn). Repeat the steps to make all the dumplings.

1. 把粽叶洗净后泡热水一晚,糯米洗净泡水一晚,红枣洗净泡水一两个小时, 不喜欢有核的可以去核。

2. 材料都准备好后,取一片粽叶(可剪去头尾)卷成甜筒状。

3.  在卷筒底部放上一小勺糯米,加入一颗枣和2-3颗葡萄干,再加一点糯米、一颗红枣和2-3颗葡萄干,然后表面铺上足够的糯米,压实。

4. 把左右两边的粽叶用双手拇指往中间推,然后顶部的粽叶往下盖。一边盖一边顺着粽子的形状围好抓紧,用棉绳缠好绑稳。 (裹粽子的方式和手法用文字不好叙述,有兴趣的朋友们可以到网上找教程和视频观摩。)重复以上步骤把所有的粽子都裹好。

5. Place Zongzi in a deep pot with water that submerge all the Zongzi. Place a ceramic or heavy plate on top to prevent zongzi from floating. Bring the water to a boil then leave to simmer for 3-4 hours, turn the stove off and let the zongzi sit in the water for another hour before taking it out.

This dumpling is equally delicious both warm and cold. Serve with some honey or sugar to sweeten it if you wish.

5. 把粽子放到一口深锅里,我喜欢打横放,这样做出来的粽子形状好看些,尽量摆得密一些。加水没过粽子后上面再扣个盘子防止煮的时候粽子浮上水面。水滚后转小火煮3-4个小时。熄火后先别取出,把粽子再泡一个小时才逐只取出滴干水份。



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