Friday, February 17, 2023

【大米松糕】Rice flour Steamed Cake


Steamed Rice Flour Cake is a type of steamed cake that I like very much. 

This steamed cake has a very special texture, a little chewy and fluffy at the same time. The special aroma of red bean paste also makes the cake taste even more fragrant and sweet.

200 克 粘米粉
100 克 糯米粉
80-100 克 糖粉
1 小碗 红豆沙/蜜豆

200 g rice flour
100 g glutinous rice flour
80-100 g powdered sugar
1 small bowl red bean paste/honey beans

1. 把糯米粉、粘米粉和糖粉混匀,少量多次地加入清水至分类呈疙瘩状,要测试水份时候合适,用手抓一把能捏成团,就刚好。

2. 用手把疙瘩搓碎后过筛,成松散的细粉。

1. Mix glutinous rice flour, sticky rice flour and powdered sugar, add water in small amounts several times while mixing until the flours form small lumps. 

2. To test if the texture is right. You can hold it a handful of the lumps, and it can firm a larger lumps and not losing its form immediately, the texture is just right.

3. Now proceed to break the lumps with your hands into crumbs again, and sieve them, it should look like a loose powder once that is done.

4. 准备一小碗市售或者自制的蜜豆/红豆沙。在一个烤盘上铺上烘焙纸。

5. 取2-3小把米粉撒到烤盘底,大约有2 公分厚左右。

6. 轻轻地铺上一层豆沙/蜜豆 ,把剩下的米粉均匀地撒到表面覆盖豆沙。

7. 把松糕入蒸笼大火蒸40-45 分钟,蒸好取出冷却切块吃。

4. Prepare a small bowl of red bean paste. Line a baking pan with parchment paper.

5. Divide the rice flour into half, sprinkles half of the rice flour on the bottom of the baking pan, to about 2 cm thick.

6. Spread a layer of red bean paste lightly over the rice flour. And spread the remaining rice flours evenly on the surface to cover the red bean paste.

7. Put the cake in a steamer to steam for 40-45 minutes on high. Take the cake out to cool and cut into pieces to serve.

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