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【嘛嘛罗惹】Rojak Mamak/Pesembur

Rojak mamak/Rojak Mee/Pesembur is another common dish served at the mamak stalls in Malaysia, a type of roadside stalls owned mostly by the Indian Muslim community in Malaysia.

This dish truly represents the spirit of the country where it was created, a mixed of different flavors -- savory, sweetness and spiciness, with multiple items serving together, that is no wonder when a Malaysian tries to describe something of that sort, a mixed of different things, we called it the "Rojak", as an adjective!



Ingredients for gravy:
1 onion
6 cloves of garlic
5-6 dried red chilies  or 1 tbsp of cayenne pepper powder
1 tomato
1 cup of roasted peanuts
1 boiled potato
1 piece/ 150 g of Palm sugar
1 tsp of salt
1 tsp of Tamarind paste

6 pieces of Cucur udang
12 pieces of Cucur kalapa
1/2 Jicama 
1 Cucumber
3 Hard boiled eggs
1 piece of Fried tofu

1 个 洋葱
6 瓣 大蒜
5-6 个 干红辣椒或 1 汤匙辣椒粉
1 个 西红柿
1杯 烤花生
1 个 煮土豆
1 块/ 150 克 棕榈糖
1 小勺 盐
1 小勺 罗望子酱

6 块 炸虾饼
1/2 只 沙葛
1 根 黄瓜
3 个 煮鸡蛋
1 块 炸豆腐

1. Blend onion,garlic,dried chilies and tomato into a paste. Cook the pasts with 1/4 cup of oil until oil releases at the edge.

2. Boiled a potato until tender, peel the skin and blend the potato with 2.5 cups of water.

3. Add the blended potato paste into the cooking pot and mix well, continue cooking for a few minutes.

1. 将洋葱、大蒜、干辣椒和番茄搅拌成糊状。 倒入锅里和 1/4 杯油一起烹煮,直到油在糊糊边上溢出。

2. 将马铃薯煮熟,将马铃薯剥皮并与 2.5 杯水用搅拌机搅拌成糊。

3. 将搅拌好的马铃薯糊倒入锅中拌匀,继续煮几分钟。

4. Use a chopper to chop roasted peanuts into coarse powder.

5. Season the rojak gravy with tamarind, palm sugar (chopped it into smaller pieces so that it can dissolve better) and salt.

6. Add chopped roasted peanuts and stir well, cook for another few minutes.


5. 把罗望子、棕榈糖(切成小块以便更好地溶解)和盐加入酱汁里调味。

6. 把切碎的花生碎加到酱汁里,搅拌均匀后再煮几分钟。

7. Now prepare to assemble the pesembur/rojak mamak. Shred jicama and cucumber, fry the tofu and cut into cubes, boil the eggs and remove shell.

8. Cut the cucur udang and cucur kelapa into bite size. Place all ingredients on a plate and drench the plateful with 1-2 ladle's worth of the rojak gravy. 

Serve warm!

7. 开始准备 pesembur/rojak mamak,把沙葛和黄瓜切丝,豆腐炸好切块,鸡蛋煮熟去壳切半。

8. 将炸虾饼炸椰丝丸子切成一口大小。 把所有食材放在盘子里,淋上1-2 汤勺的罗惹酱汁。


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