Monday, February 27, 2023

Yellow Dal Paratha 【豆糊烙饼】

I made Simple Dal/Yellow dal for dinner two days ago, and was left with about 2 cups of the dal in the fridge. Today, I turned the dal into high protein dough and made this leftover dal paratha, very tasty and healthy!


Ingredients: (yield 8-10 Parathas)
1.5 cup of Left over Yellow Dal
2 cup Whole Wheat Flour (Atta)
1 tsp Ghee

材料: (做 8-10张饼)
2 杯 全麦粉 (Atta)
1 小勺 无水奶油/黄油

1. Place the leftover dal into a bread machine/kitchen aid.

2. Add the whole wheat flour in a few batches to the machine to slowly knead into a soft dough, it should take around slightly more than 2 cups of flour, if the dough didn't shape into a ball, add 2 tbsp of flour at a time and knead further until it does.

3. Let the dough rest for around 10 minutes, then divide the dough into small balls around the size of Ping Pong. Roll it into a round disk the size of a dessert plate, around 2 mm in thickness.

4. Heat up a cooking pan and add a little ghee, pan fry the flat bread until cooked at medium heat, turn once or twice in between to cook both the side until well cooked and several brown spots showing on each side of the bread. 

Serve with dal or any types of vegetables/curries of your choice.

1. 把吃不完的豆糊放到和面机里,缓缓地加入全麦粉,开始揉面至面团成型为止。大约需要两杯左右的全麦粉,可以酌量增减全麦粉。
2. 让面团饧10分钟左右,然后揪出乒乓球大小的小面团,搓圆,然后擀开成小盘子大的面饼,厚度大约 1-2mm。
3. 热上一个铁板或者平底锅,加入一点酥油,把面饼两面煎黄即可。


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