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Masak Lemak Udang Dengan Pucuk Paku 【椰香大虾蕨菜咖喱】

Masak lemak 按字面翻译是用椰浆烹制的咖喱菜,据说起源于马来西亚的森美兰州,是米南加保族的特色菜。 这道菜可以用各种食材烹制,如鸡肉 、鱼肉牛肉或各式海鲜。

其底料基本一样,用生鲜姜黄、朝天椒 以及其他香草和香料制作而成。 

这道菜也会被称为 masak lemak cili api (padi),cili api指的是在这道菜中使用的朝天椒,表示这道菜的主旋律为辣和椰香味。 

这款咖喱菜在马来西亚很受欢迎,通常搭配参巴酱、米饭和蔬菜沙拉 (ulam)一起吃。


Masak lemak is a type of curry dish in vibrant yellow color, tasting spicy and creamy at the same time. It is said to have originated from the state of Negeri Sembilan in Malaysia, and is a specialty of the Minangkabau people. 

This curry is made with fresh turmeric, bird's eye chili, and other herbs and spices, it can be prepared with a variety of ingredients such as chicken, fish, beef or various types of seafood and vegetables. 

This dish is also known as masak lemak cili api (padi). The cili api/padi here refers to the chili peppers used in this dish, which is bird's eye chili, a type of chili pepper notable for its hot flavor. Which means that the main theme of this dish will be spicy aromatic.

This curry dish is very popular in Malaysia and is usually served with sambal, rice and fresh vegetables (ulam).

A friend of mine sent me a box of fern tips not long ago, I have been thinking of using it to make this masak lemak since, I finally have time to get to it today, it hit the spot right away!

2 把 蕨菜
10-12 只 大虾 
200 ml/克 椰浆
1 根 香茅 (切3-4寸长,拍扁)
2 片 亚参片

1 个 紫洋葱
2 瓣 蒜瓣
5-6 根 朝天椒 (可按自己喜好增减)
2 寸 生姜黄  或 1 小勺 姜黄粉

1 小勺 食盐
1 小勺 糖

2 bunches of fern tips
10-12 large shrimps
200 ml/g coconut milk
1 stalk of lemongrass (cut into 3-4 inches long, brushed)
2 slices of Garcinia/Assam Keping

Blend into a paste:
1 Bombay onion
2 cloves of garlic
5-6 Bird's eye chili (you can increase or decrease the number of chili according to your preference)
2 inches of raw turmeric or 1 tsp of turmeric powder

1 tsp salt
1 tsp sugar

1. 把紫洋葱、蒜瓣、朝天椒和生姜黄加点水搅拌成糊状。

2. 把虾去肠泥,洗净沥干, 把蕨菜处理好,切段。

1. Blend together the onion, garlic, chili and turmeric with a little water to form a paste.

2. Devein the shrimps, cleaned and set aside, clean and cut the fern tips into 2 inches in length.

3. 把搅拌好的咖喱糊倒入锅里,加入香茅,亚参片和椰浆。

4. 煮滚后加入两大杯水,加入盐和糖。

5. 再次煮滚后加入蕨菜和虾,把大虾煮熟即可出锅, 大约5分钟。

3. Pour the paste into a pot, add lemongrass, assam slices and coconut milk.

4. Bring to a boil and add two large cups of water, add salt and sugar.

5. Bring to boil again and cook for few minutes, add fern tips and shrimps, cook for 5 minutes 偶or until the shrimps are fully cooked.

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