Tuesday, May 23, 2023


I love tempeh as a side dish for rice dishes and have been making tempeh at home pretty frequently. I normally make my tempeh in  zipped lock bags or clean plastic bags. 
I have been wanting to make my tempeh wrapping in banana leaves, as banana leaves contain polyphenol compounds, as contained in tea leaves. Due to the polyphenols, banana leaves produce a distinctive taste and aroma in tempeh.
Besides, I am all for a much more environmental friendly options any time!
1 1/2 杯 大豆 (或250克)
1 大勺 白醋/苹果醋
1 小勺 或 5 克 丹贝黴菌(Tempeh Starter
水 适量
6 张 12 x 8 寸的 芭蕉叶 
6 张 13 x 9 寸 的 烘焙纸/油纸

1 1/2 cup Soy bean(250 gm)
1 tbsp Vinegar
1 tsp or 5 gm of Tempeh Starter
Water for cooking
6 pieces of 12 x 8 inches Banana Leaves 
6 pieces of 13 x 9 inches parchment papers

Soaked soy bean for 10-12 hours, make sure the beans are all submerged in water.
Use your hand to squeeze the soaked bean in kneading motion to remove the hulls as much as you can, also to break the beans. Stir gently so that the hulls will come on the surface of water, pour the water so that the hulls be removed, add fresh water and continue this process until most hulls are removed, not too worry if some are remaining.
Now using a microwavable cook ware, add enough water to the beans with1 tbsp of vinegar, microwave the beans for 8-10 minutes. Drain and continue cooking the bean for 1 minute in mocrowave. Take out and stir the bean, and add another minute, repeat the process for 4-5 times or till the water content reduces significantly.
Leave the cooked beans aside to cool, when the bean's temperature is just slightly higher than room temperature (around 30 C),  mix in 1 tsp of the tempeh starter,mix well so that most beans are coated with the starter, this is to ensure the beans inoculate evenly. Make sure you wait for the beans to cold down to around 30 C before adding starter, high heat could kill the starter.



然后加水没过豆子,加入1 大勺的白醋/苹果醋,微波8-10分钟。倒掉水,加热一分钟,拌匀,再加热一分钟,做这个动作4-5次。直到豆子的水份减少。


Put the washed and dried banana leaves over the parchment paper, take about half a cup of soy beans and place them in the middle spread to even out. Fold the banana leaves and baking paper from the top and bottom, and both left and right ends to wrap into a pouch.
Repeat to wrap all the remaining beans, this recipe should give you around 5-6 packets of tempeh. Place the tempeh in a warm place (30C/85F), and ferment it for 36-48 hours. 
The beans should be covered completely with white mycelium when it is done, and feels lighter in weight when lifted up. When the entire contents can remove from wrappers as a whole, the tempeh is done!


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