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Homemade Yogurt 【自制优格】

My son A is a yogurt lover, when I used to buy store-bought organic yogurt, he can downed 4 squeezers in no time. I also used a lot of yogurt in cooking and as condiments in Indian foods. I started feeling it when I have to bring 2-3 boxes of yogurt every trip to grocery stores, it could add up to quite a bit especially we only consume organic ones.

It is also very hard to find full cream/whole yogurt, most store-bought yogurt, even the organic ones are mostly low fat, which we have been trying to avoid for a long time now.

I started making yogurt at home few months back since I have a steamer that comes with yogurt function. Making yogurt at home is pretty easy, you don't really have to invest in a yogurt maker or steamer, there are many incubators you can try on, such as a thermos, crockpot, covered container, a microwave, heating pad.

It also takes literally only 5 minutes to make the yogurt as long as your tools are sanitized and cleaned beforehand, I normally make mine before going to bed and let it incubate overnight.

Try making it at home if you are not already did, it is worth the while and tasting so much better!

俊宝很爱吃优格/酸奶,每次给他买水果口味的优格他一次就可以吃四只squeezer。我平时做菜优格也用得很多, 宝宝出生后一直都买的是有机优格,价格比较贵。后来我买了个带有优格制作功能的蒸笼,就开始在家里自制优格,后来一直都没有再买过市售的优格。


1 litre of milk
1/4 cup yogurt starter(you can use a small cup of store-bought organic yogurt, or you can use the same amount from your previous batch.)
1 sanitized glass jar
Steamer/cooler as incubator

1 公升 有机全脂牛奶
1/4 杯 酸奶菌种 (你可以用市售的原味酸奶做菌种,也可以用之前自制的酸奶做菌种。)
1 只宽口带盖的干净璃瓶

1. Clean and sanitized the glass jar, air dry.

2. Add milk in the jar and microwave for 4-5 minutes until the milk becomes hot.

3. Let the milk cool to around 110 degrees fahrenheit (50-55 degrees celsius), warm to touch and higher than body temperature it is.

4. Stir in yogurt starter, stir well to make sure the starter is thoroughly incorporated into the milk.

5. Loosely cover the jar with lid and place it into the steamer, start yogurt making function.


Heat one gallon of water to 110 degrees F(50-55 degrees C) and pour into a cooler. Shut the cooler lid and leave in a warm place for 7-9 hours until thickened.

6. Scoop out 1/4 cup of the freshly made homemade yogurt, place in airtight container and freeze it.

Note: Thaw at room temperature before using it to make your new batch of yogurt. Freezing the starter from the freshly made yogurt will ensure the most active cultures are being saved. In other word, will almost certainly ensure a workable starter as long as needed.

Stored the remaining yogurt in refrigerator for consumption.

1. 把玻璃瓶洗净高温消毒,风干。

2. 把牛奶倒入玻璃瓶后入微波炉高火转4-5分钟,至牛奶变热。

3. 让牛奶自然降温至110华氏度 (50-55摄氏度), 就是摸起来比体温更高即可。

4. 把菌种加牛奶后搅拌均匀。加盖别旋紧,把玻璃瓶摆到蒸笼里,开启优格/酸奶模式。


5. 这个时候取1/4杯刚做好的优格/酸奶,装到一个小瓶子里,放到冷冻室冷冻起来作为下一批优格/酸奶的菌种。



Update: 4/19/2016:I have a thermal cooker that dad bought me when I had my son, mainly to make soup and red dates soup for my confinement time.

I was amazed by its ability to retain heat, the soup mom made will stay piping hot in it for the whole day! 

I tried using it as incubator to make homemade yogurt the other day, since it has such good ability to retain heat, I did not add warm water in it, I just wait till the milk become warm, add my starter, stir and placed the yogurt in the thermal pot (inner pot removed), cover with lid and let it sit over night.

The result is amazing, it makes solid, thick, beautiful yogurt (See picture on top of this page!) 

Yay to saving energy with this one!

4/19/2016 更新:我家里有个爸爸买给我做月子的闷烧锅,月子里妈妈给熬的红枣水在里边焖一天都还是滚热的,保温功能特别好!


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