Friday, July 11, 2014

Pickled Green Chillies(Chili Hijau Jeruk) 【泡青辣椒】

Mom went back to Malaysia the night before. I had to leave A with N when I sent mom to the airport as he was suffering sore throat and fever. On our drive to the airport, mom keeps on talking about how bad she felt leaving A when he is not well. It made me very emotional and felt equally bad for A as he has accustomed to a life style with grandma where they spent a lot of fun time out door walking and playing.

I was feeling terribly down after coming back from the airport, I was also exhausted from not having enough sleeps for days. A was cranky at night and was not able to sleep, one night I had to sit downstairs in the sofa holding him the whole night as he couldn't lie flat on bed to sleep and refused to leave me.

Having mom home for the pass few months was so much better and she took care of many things while I care for A, not having her around leave me feeling very sad and somewhat empty. I cried a couple of times at night and missing her so much already.

Yesterday when I was going through my fridge to find ingredients for dinner, I saw this green chilies that mom bought to make Stuffed Chilies earlier, it is still slightly more than half packet left. I decided to make this chili pickle that is known to accompany most Malaysian dishes.

Guess Wonton noodle the Malaysian style is going to show up in my dining table soon!




200-250 gm of Green Chilies
1 cup of Rice vinegar/white vinegar
1/2 cup of boiled and cooled down water
3 tbsp of sugar
1 tsp of salt

200-250 gm 青辣椒
1 cup 白米醋/白醋
1/2 cup 纯净水或煮滚冷却的白水
3 tbsp 糖
1 tsp 盐

1. Clean and drained the chilies and slice into 3-4 mm thick, make sure you do not slice the chilies too thin, it will not retain the crunchiness if it is too thin.

2. Place the sliced chilies in a colander and shake a few times (to remove excess seeds, you don't have to do this step if you don't mind the seeds).

3. Spread and leave the chilies under hot summer sun for about 2 hours, give it a good shake and re-spread once in a while to make sure the slices get even sun bath.

4. In a clean glass jar, place all other ingredients and cover with lid, give it  a good shake until sugar and salt dissolved.

5. Place the semi-sun dried chilies into the jar and leave it under room temperature for at least 6 hours or overnight, the pickle is ready to be consume!

1. 把辣椒洗净沥干切成3-4 mm厚, 不要切得太薄了,太薄的话腌好的辣椒会不脆口。

2. 把切好的辣椒放到一个筲箕里颠颠,把一些辣椒种子颠掉,如果你不介意吃辣椒种子的话,不做这个步骤也可。

3. 把辣椒铺平,摆到烈日下晒两个小时,间中翻一翻,再铺平,以确保辣椒均匀的晒上太阳。

4. 把其他材料装到一个广口的玻璃瓶子里,盖上盖子,大力的摇晃瓶子,糖和盐溶解了即可。

5. 把晒好的辣椒装到瓶子里腌制至少六个小时或一个晚上即可。