Monday, December 14, 2015

Idli/Idly (Idli/Dosa Batter recipe)

Idli used to be my breakfast everyday for a long time when I first visited India, I find it very light and nutritious. I was also amazed by the way the dough was prepared when I started preparing it at home, it is so natural and simple, yet the result is so intriguing.

Homemade idli/Dosa dough is so useful and could be made into different kind of snacks easily, the mix could be used for :Dosa,Uttapam, Besan Uttapam and Fried Idli.

Ingredients:(makes 16-18 idlis)
2 Cups of organic brown rice(or Idli rice)
1 Cup Urad dal
1/4 tsp Fenugreek seeds
1/3 cup cooked rice/poha (Flatten rice)
Salt to taste(around 1/2 tsp)

1. Soaked rice with fenugreek seeds, and urad dal separately for 5-6 hours. (I do mine overnight).

2. After 5-6 hours, grind urad dal first with little water until smooth, pour it out in a container. Then grind soaked brown rice, cooked rice or poha and fenugreek seeds with water (DO NOT use too much water for grinding, we are looking at pancake-like consistency).

3. Mix rice paste and urad dal paste together to form a better and leave it at warm place with cover (DO NOT tighten the cover as gas could form during the fermentation process.) Leave it ferment for 10-12 hours (add 8-10 hours if the weather is cold).

4. When the batter raised to almost twice its original size, and smell slightly sourish, fermentation is done! The mix should be light and fluffy as shown in the picture, season with salt before using.

5. In a clean idli plate, brush a layer of oil, and pour in idli batter/mix to about 90% full.

6. Bring the water in steamer to boil before putting the idli plate for steaming, Steam the idli for 10-12 minutes at high heat. Let it cold down a little before removing the idlis from the idli plate.

Serve with Sambar and Idli Milagai Podi.

It is fluffy and tasty!

中文 -- 米豆蒸饼

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