Saturday, December 26, 2015

Chicken porridge/Congee 【鸡肉粥】

I liked to make a big pot of congee whenever I am home alone, it serves as breakfast, lunch and sometimes even dinner!!

To make it more nutritious, I often add carrot pieces and vegetables, it is very easy to digest and easy to prepare.


Ingredients:(3-4 serving)
3 organic drumstick/Thigh (skinned)
5-8 small dried scallop
1/2 cup of Chinese/Japanese/jasmine rice
4-5 slices of ginger
1-2 tsp Tianjin preserved vegetable

Pepper powder
Salt to taste
Few drops of sesame oil

3 根 有机鸡腿/Thigh (去皮)
5-8 颗 干贝 
1/2 杯 白米
4-5 片姜片
1-2 tsp 天津冬菜
葱花或者切碎的香菜 少许点缀用


1. Clean the chicken pieces, in a deep cooking pot place the chicken, ginger slices, dried scallop, 5-6 cups of water and 1 tbsp of cooking wine if you prefer. Cook at medium low for 35-40 minutes, or until chicken become tender.

2. Dish out the chicken and ginger, throw away the ginger and let the chicken cold down a little before breaking it into smaller size/pieces with hand.

3. At the same time, clean 1/2 cup of rice and add it to the stock we prepared just now, and cook at medium heat for 30 minutes, or until the porridge/congee become thick. Stir a few times to prevent sticking to bottom.

4. Add the chicken pieces back with Tianjin Preserved vegetable, continue cooking for 5-8 minutes, season with some pepper and sesame oil.

Note:Tianjin Preserved vegetable is very salty and I normally do not add any salt after adding the vegetable as the salt content from this vegetable is enough to season the porridge, but if you like to wash the vegetable before use, which will reduce the saltiness of the vegetable, you could add a little salt to the porridge/congee to suit your taste.

1. 把鸡肉处理好之后,在一口深锅里,加入5-6 杯水,把干贝,鸡肉和姜片加入大火煮滚,转小火炖35-40分钟,或至鸡肉变软。也可在这个时候加入1 tbsp 的料酒/米酒去腥。

2. 把煮好的鸡肉和姜片取出,姜片丢弃不用,鸡肉稍微冷却用手剥成丝/块。与此同时,把1/2杯洗干净的白米倒入刚刚熬好的高汤里。中小火熬 30 分钟左右或浓稠,间中搅拌几次以防粘锅。

3. 30分钟后,把剥好的鸡肉和冬菜加入,继续熬煮 大约5-8分钟。撒点胡椒粉和麻油,就可以吃了。


I like to serve it with some Yao Zha Guai (油炸鬼), a yummy treat!


  1. Congee...we have kanji in south india that is plain broken rice porridge eaten with pickles.....its so interesting how different versions of a dish with almost similar names exist in two ends of the world :-)

    1. oh wowww.. thanks for letting me know.. I didn't even know that!! Interesting.. Congee is traditionally eaten with pickles too!!

  2. Hi dear! How you been??? Wow the porridge looks so inviting. Know something? I used to hate porridge during my younger not :)

    1. Hi dear。。。 I am doing great.. I have always love porridge.... as it is easy to swallow and eat!! LOL

  3. 看到你家的鸡粥,才想起自己好久没有煮粥了。
    谢谢你分享的食谱。让我有空的时候可以为家人准备。 :)

  4. 其实做粥很简单,材料也不多,就是时间比较长而已呢。。。不谢不谢